Friday, May 07, 2010

Ch-ch-ch Changes

It's happening before my very eyes and I just can't stop it no matter how hard I try! My baby is growing up. Yes she's still a baby yet little things are changing that indicate she has started the move from baby to toddler.

Crawling has been left behind and replaced by walking...and running! I've even noticed her jumping in excitement with both feet leaving the ground at the same time but I'm not sure she realizes she can do this! Here she is this past Monday, taking advantage of all the room to walk around our doctor's waiting room.

Hannah still enjoys baby food (thankfully for ease when in a pinch) but is also adding more table foods each week. Last week we tried peanut butter and all went well. Yeah! This paranoid prepared mommy had Benadryl at the ready as well as the phone close by but she handled it just fine and as you can see by this pic from earlier tonight, she enjoys her peanut butter both as a meal, and as a hair treatment!
Tonight we also took another step forward when Hannah began to use a baby toothbrush. We will still use our little finger toothbrush when upstairs
but downstairs we have now have a cute little baby toothbrush. With 7 little teeth in her mouth and the fact that she finds it fun to nibble the brush above, I'm not as anxious to put my finger in her little mouth as I used to. :o) I brushed her teeth with the new toothbrush first and she had a huge grin on her face once she figured out what I was trying to do. Next I handed her the brush and you can see from these pics that she had a lot of fun with it!

Monday is my first dentist appointment since Hannah has been home and I have strict instructions from the girls there that Hannah has to come with me so that they can meet her. That I'll happily do and Grandma will come along to help entertain her during my appointment. If they want to count her teeth she's made it easy for them as all 7 (or 6 1/4) are right in the front and oh so cute!! Check out this adorable grin showing off all her teeth!! Love her!


  1. She is growing up! Happy Mother's Day!!

  2. Have a wonderful mother's day. You are one terrific mommy.

  3. They do grow up - too fast. We love this age with AA.
    Love the last picture - her toothy smile!! Happy Mother's Day!

    Alyzabeth's Mommy

  4. They do grow up way to quickly. Wishing you a wonderful and happy first Mother's Day.

  5. I'm told it's the second exposure to peanut butter that causes the problem (or the second bee sting or whatever the "issue" is), so watch for the second exposure too.

    Happy First Mother's Day!!!!!!!
    dd Sunshine 9 Viet Nam
    dd Brilliance 4 in June, China

  6. Funny about the peanut butter we did the same thing! First PB at home with phone at-the ready. Same for first shellfish and first tree nut.

    Have a wonderful Mothers Day!

    Jennifer (from the Daoxian group)

  7. Oh my goodness that last picture is adorable!!!!! Catherine don't blink because it will go so fast day I woke up one morning and our "baby" is 17!!!!


    Love and blessings, Kristy

  8. Look at her go!! :) So amazing to see her growth and the incredible changes in her. She is just adorable and those pig tails are too cute!

    I can't wait to feed Jenny her first PB&J. I remember
    Jacob's first and I remember having my benadryl near too. :)

    Happy Mother's Day to you my friend!! I hope tomorrow is filled with lots of giggles and love!

  9. Completely love that last picture! And that video is so cute. She's going to keep you very busy. :)

  10. I love how she walks with reckless abandonment and pure joy!

    Keep smilin!

  11. Happy Mothers Day Catherine! WOW! Hannah is a little lovebug! Enjoy every minute! Can't wait to join the Mom club! Thanks again for all the Canadian things. They are just awesome!
    Take good care and enjoy your day. xo

  12. omgosh she is SO cute! love that video. those pigtails are adorable and she's got such an adorable walk :)

    she's growing up fast, for sure! hope you had a wonderful mother's day!


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