Sunday, January 24, 2010

Squeaky Pooh

My sweet niece Rebecca and I have had the awesome pleasure of visiting Disney World 4 times together! On our very first trip was in May of 2004 when she had just turned 5 years old and she found a cute little Pooh bear that squeaked the very first day we were there. Squeaky Pooh I (the first) joined our trip and went to the parks with us each day and made an appearance in almost every picture we took.

When we prepared to return home that trip Squeaky Pooh even went through security in Orlando, for a ride on the luggage belt and filled out a Canadian Customs card on the plane on the way home. Squeaky Pooh I was officially Rebecca's little buddy!

We returned to Disney World in December of 2005 and one thing Rebecca was really looking forward to was finding a new Squeaky Pooh as the first one had been lost during an adventure. We started our trip at the Magic Kingdom and were excited to buy a new Squeaky Pooh so SP II was born. Once again he travelled to the parks with us each day until we accidentally left him in a washroom stall and when we went back 5 minutes later he was gone. My little sweetie was so sad!! We checked lost and found a few times but alas Squeaky Pooh II was gone. Unfortunately it was our last day at the parks and since this particular Pooh is only available in the store attached to the Winnie the Pooh ride in Magic Kingdom we weren't able to replace him. We went home having had another great trip but Rebecca was sad to be without Squeaky Pooh II. This was before I knew anything about eBay so I tried calling the Disney Store but I wasn't able to replace him for her.

Our next trip was in December of 2006 and once again we looked for Squeaky Pooh but this time the store didn't have any. She found a cute little Piglet that was a treat to carry with her but she just wasn't Squeaky Pooh. We looked in every store we could find but Squeaky Pooh III was not to be. You can imagine our excitement when we found a Squeaky Pooh on the last day we were there! Squeaky Pooh the III was once again with his little friend Rebecca! (Can't find a picture of that happy reunion.)
In January of 2008 Rebecca and I had another great trip to Disney and this one was super exciting as we were both had our best friends with us! Victoria and her Grandma (my friend Sharon) went to Disney with us and we had an amazing trip together!! The girls collected a number of stuffed animals that trip including a Squeaky Pooh (IV) for Victoria. They also quickly decided that Hannah had to have a Squeaky Pooh of her own so Squeaky Pooh V was purchased for her and tucked away in a bin until she came home.
I was going through bins the other day and found this cuddly, fuzzy little Squeaky Pooh and introduced him to Hannah. He's the perfect size for her and she immediately planted a wet sloppy kiss on him and now he's one of the first toys she reaches for in the morning. Before going to bed I make sure Taggie and Squeaky Pooh are near her and it's not unusual for me to wake up to her holding and talking to Squeaky Pooh. Too cute!!

I hope to have Rebecca and Victoria over for a sleepover this spring and I'm guessing it might just be a Squeaky Pooh Reunion weekend!!


  1. It is such a joy to read your blog! I know I say this to you everyday but I really do feel that you are mommy of the year. Lucky, lucky Hannah!

  2. Love your post - too cute! What a great tradition and the love you have for your niece is so apparent....

  3. Very cute story. Kinda makes me want to own a squeaky Pooh.

  4. A squeaky pooh reunion sounds awesome!!!

  5. Cute story, precious pictures!! Your blog is always such a joy to read. :)

  6. What a great story. Made me smile. Thanks for sharing.

  7. So precious! What a dear little sweetheart Hannah is to give Pooh a smooch. Could be that he will become her special lovey. If so, guard him with your life.

  8. Such an awesome story Catherine! And what a special aunt you are - as well as a phenomenal mother! Hannah will have such an exciting life with you and the rest of your friends and family.
    There can be nothing better than Poo Bear!

  9. Great story. And for next time, if it ever happens again, there is actually a different number that you can call to order anything that was in the parks and you couldn;t find. If you ever need it, let me know and I'll dig it up.


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