Friday, January 15, 2010

Mommy ~ Make Up Your Mind!!

This week we decided to brave the cold weather and go out for a walk. It was a beautiful afternoon with snow lightly falling and Hannah thoroughly enjoyed herself. She was none too impressed in the house at first when I began to bundle her into her snowsuit though! After donning her snow pants, jacket, hat, boots, mitts and scarf we were finally ready to hit the road! She looked adorable all bundled up with just her little eyes showing and we really enjoyed the walk. Hannah was awake for less than 5 minutes before dozing off and staying asleep for then entire hour we were out. I'll tell you, I have a whole new appreciation for our local by-law that says sidewalks must be shovelled within 24hours of a snowfall. Pushing her stroller in the places that weren't cleared was rough and we even had to use the road a couple of times.

Something neat happened during our walk too! I was mailing a few photos to her SWI to show them how she's grown ('s a very late Christmas!) and when we got to the convenience store where the post office is the gentleman from the post office was there collecting the mail. He was leaving the store when I entered but must have noticed the envelope in my hand as he came back in solely to get my letter. As I left the store I noticed his truck was still there and I realized he looked familiar. I tapped on the window and when he rolled it down I asked if he had been on this route for a while? He said yes and I asked if he remembered the day last year when he'd waited for someone to come with important papers? He said that he remembered me and I was able to show him Hannah sleeping in her stroller and tell him that him helping me out last year made him one of the many people who helped to bring my amazing baby girl home! He had a big smile in his face and congratulated us. There are SO many people involved in Hannah's adoption and it was neat to thank even one of them in person!

The other neat thing is that the papers he had waited for me to bring last year were for Hannah's citizenship and when she and I arrived home from our walk her Citizenship card was waiting for us in the mail! How cool is that?!! Unfortunately her first name was spelled incorrectly so I've had to mail everything back to be reissued but the gal handling it realized her error as soon as I emailed her and called by 9:15 the following morning apologizing and saying that the new card would be reissued as soon as the incorrect one was returned. The reason I called this post 'Mommy ~ Make Up Your Mind!' was because a couple of hours after we returned from our walk where Hannah had been dressed in tons 'o clothes, we tried on her bathing suit in preparation for Thursday's swimming lessons. She couldn't figure out what I was up to but she sure did look adorable!!


  1. She looks adorable all bundled up & equally as adorable in her bathing suit! Can't wait for the swimming lesson pics!

  2. how quickly they change.............she looks much older already...........wahhhhhhhhh
    we left Toronto for Victoria because of that buddling

  3. Love the pink snowsuit and the tipping over picture!!

  4. Ah...the fun of the snowsuit! Winter is not conducive to strolling with a baby.

    SO cute!

    Keep smilin!

  5. Adorable little munchkin. She likes the swimsuit better than the snowsuit. The snowsuit photos remind me of Ralphie's brother, Randy, in The Christmas Story, and I'm laughing as I think about it.

  6. So adorable!!! I had the same experience with meeting up with the same FedEx delivery man about 6 months after he delivered my daughter's referral. He said...
    "I was so confused that day, you were so excited, crying, taking pictures, and telling me I just delivered your it all makes sense!!" LOL, he must have thought I was losing my mind that day!!

  7. Sweet cuddly little munchkin! So pretty in pink - and I love the bathing suit. She sits like a little frog ready to spring into the water!

  8. Love her in a snow suit or a swim suit! She's so adorable! Have fun at swimming lessons!

  9. So cute! Have you been swimming yet or is this her first lesson? Molly goes for her second lesson Friday. She was a bit overwhelmed!

    Are you taking someone who can snag some photos from the waiting gallery? You can't take a camera in at our pool.


  10. Cameras are allowed week 6 of lessons so mommy will even allow herself to be filmed in a bathing suit so that you can enjoy all the cuteness that is a splashing, swimming XiaoFen! She did great at her first lesson! Will post more...

  11. Adorable pics and stories. Just read all 3 posts! And hey..if you need a photographer for that swim class, let me know...!!! :)

    Have a great day. Fun walking with you yesterday.

  12. Love the falling over in the snowsuit picture! Reminds me of our 2 year old Michelin Man in his many, many layers when we picked him up from his baby house overseas :-)


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