Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Crawling and Standing !

January 11th - Just starting to crawl

January 26th - Crawling like crazy....except today since mommy put me in a dress!

Hannah's new found mobility was also really good for mommy. I finally found the time to record the last of the shower gifts and get most of them put away.
Hannah was amazingly blessed to have 8 showers in her honour and I wanted to record all the gifts in one place to make writing thank you notes easier...someday. Sometimes the gifts stayed in the hall longer than I liked but since she could now reach them it was an encouragement to get them recorded and put away. Unfortunately/Fortunately Hannah has made it very clear that mommy's computer time should be regulated so she fusses if I'm here for more than ummm....a minute! Thus, blogging normally happens after bed!

I love my little active girl and watching her explore her new world is a treat! I love nothing more than to just sit and listen to her precious little voice chat away to herself and her toys. Such sweet, sweet music!! This video features her adorable sneezes and....I love, love, love how her face breaks into that huge grin when our eyes meet!


  1. Yeah...Miss Crawling Hannah!!

    She is just lovely.

    Keep smilin!

  2. So amazing to see how fast she is learning and growing with her Mommy to care for her!

    I love in the last video, the way she picked the piece of paper off her hand then the way she inspected her hand after! It also looked like she has really good fine motor skills! These little monkeys are so amazing!


  3. Oh, so precious! She has the sweetest little voice and I love her big beautiful smile (for mommy!) too!

    Footsie PJ's are so cute. I love how snuggly babies are when they wear them. I really need to find some bigger sizes for my baby girls!

    Our Blog: Double Happiness!

  4. Oh, she's such a little doll! What a pleasure to watch her grow and thrive under mommy's loving care.

  5. I noticed that you call her by her Chinese name a lot. Do you ever call her Hannah? I am just wondering because I gave LiLi the name Clare (after my mom) but the moment I saw her, she was LiLi-her Chinese name. She never answered to Clare and I finally changed her name back to Li-Peng (LiLi) for good legally. Just wondering.


  6. Beautiful! What busy lives we now have!

    Alyzabeth's Mommy

  7. I can't see the first two videos - it keeps saying they are unavailable:(

    The last video however is VERY cute!! She is just thriving!!

  8. great videos....oh man is she ever a cutie. I noticed in your video that you have a fireplace like ours and wanted to mention that you can buy a protector at toys r us to cover off the edges. It is still on ours and Emma is almost 4. I think it is between $40-50 and by that lion heart company if i recall correctly. It is grey foam and it sure gives peace of mind as they are learning to walk and fall so often.

  9. Thanks Amy. The fireplace is at my parent's place so we're not around it all the time and sometimes build a chair fort in front of it if it's been on. Thanks for the tip though. Always appreciated.


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