Saturday, January 23, 2010

How Do You Know When It's Time To Get Out of the Bath??

When the baby poops in the tub!!!

Hannah and I were at my parent's place for supper tonight. As the evening wore on I decided to give her a bath there. My 10yo niece Rebecca and I donned our bathing suits and Hannah donned her bir1hday suit!

We hopped into the jacuzzi tub and even though there was only 8" of water we had a great time hanging out; Rebecca and I chatting and Hannah playing with new toys. All was well until...Rebecca went to move her foot and felt something squishy! At the same time I noticed little floaters in the tub. She jumped out laughing and screaming while mommy just sat there and laughed!

We all got out, laughed histerically at the poop stuck to mommy's bathing suit and then after a quick shower it was pj time with a blog post to prepare!

Now, off to put my little pooper to bed!


  1. Noting like baby poop in the tub to bring a nice bath to an abrupt halt! How fun that the 3 of you all got in there together! Taking a bath with my babies is one of my favorite things! Bathing and snuggles in bed are some of the best parts of being a Mommy! And how nice to have a wonderful cousin to share in the fun! Is Rebecca loving have Hannah home? I know she was so excited to meet her!


  2. We have had lots of poops in the tub over the last few years! It always makes me laugh and to see the older twos reactions is priceless!!

  3. yep-- i think ALL of us have had at least one poop in the tub experience!!! welcome to the club!

  4. Hilarious. So glad that you were able to laugh about it all!

  5. Too funny!!! I could just picture it....hehe!!

  6. All I keep thinking is how much poop will be in our bathtub with TWO babies!!! How cute is she? Too funny!

  7. I have not had that experience. Miss D def. lets us know when she is going so hopefully we could get her out in time.

    Too funny!

    Keep smilin!

  8. It was bound to happen at some point. I will happily admit that more than 2 1/2 years later, we have yet had this happen in this house. I'm sure our luck will run out one day.


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