Sunday, September 07, 2008

Gifts for Hannah

Yesterday Norma and I enjoyed a great day together as we travelled into Toronto and visited our friend Julie. Two years ago we also did this and even though Julie and I have had a few opportunities to get together since then this was the first time Norma was able to come along again. Good times! How fun it was to see Julie's daughter who has grown and changed into an adorable little girl! So cute and so creative. She entertained herself for much of our visit being creative with a shoelace and making jewellery for all of us over and over again.

Over the years Julie has also been amazingly generous with Hannah and has shared much of what her little cutie has outgrown. Yesterday she added:

a lamp for Hannah's nursery,

a cute little beanbag chair that matches the nursery bedding she gave Hannah last year,

a beautiful Pottery Barn Kids quilt for Hannah's big girl bed and...

a Learning Tower! I have secretly wanted a Learning Tower since I heard about them a couple of years ago and even moreso after spending time with Mary-Mia and the girls and seeing Rose and Marie in action on their LT. Hey BobBob, when you and Wela are 'in the neighbourhood' wanna stop over and pop some wheels on Hannah's new LT? LOL! You're always welcome!

Julie, thank you again for ALL you've shared with Hannah! Your generosity is GREATLY appreciated! Cannot wait for the day when our visit includes my introducing you to Hannah! You're a special friend and I'm so thankful for you.


  1. WOW!!! What great gifts! I am sure BobBob will be right over to put those wheels on the tower.

    Thanks for you sweet comment.

  2. Hannah is one blessed little girl. So happy for the fun of all these new treasures!
    Love ya,

  3. You never know when a Model A may appear in your driveway. BobBob always travels with tools, too.


  4. What wonderful gifts...and a great friend for passing them to Hannah!

    Love that learning tower.....I can already smell the chocolate chip cookies that you and Hannah will be making!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  5. Beautiful gifts Cathrine.
    The quilt is adorable.

  6. What a wonderful friend to pass along such fantastic gifts to your special little one!

    Love, love, love the learning tower!!!

    Smiles! :o)

  7. How great is that?? Those are beautiful gifts and neat that they've been previously enjoyed by another special little girl. I'm thinking you're all set! All you need is Hannah! C'mon CCAA! :)


  8. What a special friend! She is just as excited for Hannah as you and so many of us are.

    Keep smilin!

  9. Those are great gifts. I bet Hannah is just going to love them.

  10. Great goodies...
    Love the learning tower...
    What an amazing friend..
    Have a Great Week...

  11. Oooo nice gifties!!! I've never heard of a "learning tower" - I'm assuming it's like an enclosed step ladder for kiddies?

    I've got a similar lamp for Mini! Ours is pink and white polka dot with little "bobbles" hanging around the bottom of the shade!

  12. Wow, what generosity! You two obviously have a special friendship and I know you cherish it!


  13. My Goodness!!! What great gifts! I have seen that Learning Tower around the web. It looks AWESOME! I may have to put that on a wish list. :)

    Hoping all is well with you.

  14. so glad you are finally getting closer!!! Love the tower!!

  15. Wow what fantastic gifts, I love that leaning tower..I have never seen that before!

  16. Oh how sweet! What a wonderful thing to store up some treasures for precious Hannah when she arrives home. Catherine, the last referrals, I thought of you, you are really getting close now!! I am praying for continual speed up:)

    Thanks for sharing the kindnesses of your dear friend.


  17. Catherine - these goodies are too stinking cute! Isn't nesting the best? Ok, well only next to actually having these little ones home!!

    Big hug,


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