Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Congratulations Alyson and Ford!!

Yesterday was a super exciting day! Precious little Alyzabeth An was introduced to her new Mommy and Daddy, Alyson and Ford! Hop on over to their blog and check out all their wonderful posts and see their beautiful little girl in action.

Ford is video taping each day and posting portions on their blog. Too cool and it makes is so much more real!

Also, please pray for this wonderful little girl. At 23 months she's quite aware that her little world has been turned upside down but is not really sure what has happend. She's also become a very normal 'velcro baby' to her mommy so Aly is feeling each and every muscle in her body. Please pray for them as they become a family and get to know one another and as this wonderful little girl's hurting heart begins the healing process.

CONGRATULATIONS Aly and Ford! Your daughter is wonderful!


  1. I am SO happy for them! At long last they are with their beautiful, wee girl and such a great life together is beginning.

  2. I've only been following their blog for a couple of months now... and I am SO VERY excited for them!!! I can't imagine how y'all feel - those who have been following their journey since the beginning.

  3. WOW Cathy - I loved watching their videos. What a precious little girl. Praying she will adjust quickly to her new surroundings. Must be so hard. She's such a little sweetie!

    One day I'll be watching YOUR videos!!!! Can't wait!

    Love & prayers,

  4. She is darling. Thanks for the blog. I will go check it out!!!


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