Thursday, May 29, 2008

We Don't Wanna Grow Up!

Joy-Lynn and I went out for another fun night on the town last week and it didn't take long before the antics began. :o)

She was returning this microsphone to a friend's daughter but not until we had our own version of 'Canadian Idol' in the car. We talked about taking it into the store with us but decided we might frighten small children in the store.

Before we bought the snacks to take to our 'Girls Night Out' with some of the ladies fron Sunday School, we needed to test them. We didn't want to choose something yucky did we?

We were heading to her sister's place and I'd never been there before so we were dependant on Joy-Lynn giving me directions. Ummmm...I think we were chatting and laughing a bit too much and missed a turn...what do you think?

But, look like we found when we missed our turn!! Hmmm....these pics look familiar. I wasn't going to get on the roller thingy but she 'double dog dared' me and ya just can't pass up a double dog dare!

Fun times with a great friend! I love how we don't need to be doing anything special, we just make the most of whatever we're doing and....we're always on the lookout for opportunities for fun! Love ya J-L!


  1. You guys are truly crazy and I hope you never grow up either. What fun to have such a good friend to share good times with.

  2. You always have tons of fun! Love that you took pics of it all.

    Keep smilin!

  3. You? Miss a turn? Hee hee! Couldn't resist! :)

    Glad you had a good time with a good friend - you crazy girl you!


  4. You wild women, you. Looks like fun! :-)

  5. I hope we all stay this young at heart! You guys are always having so much fun :) And might I add that I've never known anyone who wears yellow like you, you look gorgeous friend!

  6. What fun! That steamroller looks like something right up my alley :0)

  7. I don't want to grow up either!!!

  8. Again, I'm totally jealous!!!! You have the BEST times! I would have been riding shotgun on that thing with ya! lol!

  9. I do believe you are the most fun people on the planet!

  10. More fun memories made with a good friend. I love those “special” times with my pals.

    Oh by the way, I was wondering if I could hire you and your equipment to get my driveway paved, LOL!!

    Smiles! :o)

  11. So - I guess we're a tad bit late in wishing you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!


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