Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Fun with Friends

Last night my friends Japhia (l), Joy and I got together to enjoy Joy's new Mother's Day gift, Anita Renfroe's latest video, ''s probably just my thyroid.' She may not be someone you think you're familiar with but I have a feeling that Anita's video below will be familiar to many. If you haven't seen it before...enjoy!!!

Here's a tribute to moms everywhere!


  1. Oh so true, true, true! I could just tape it and play it every morning!! LOL

  2. She is hoot and original to boot!

    Keep smilin!

  3. Catherine,

    I want to have your life. You have the best time!


  4. WELL FINALLY!!!!! Just kidding! You know I like to hassel you about blogging about anything you do with me!!! Glad you felt the evening was worth remembering! Although....I'm thinking it's not so much 'me' you're remembering, but the video....oh well :o)
    Hope you've had a good day!
    Love & prayers,

  5. They showed this vid at our church as a tribute to moms.


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