Monday, May 19, 2008

Dragon Beard Candy

Dragon's Beard candy is a sweet treat that we were introduced to when we visited Chinatown last summer. It's a little like handmade cotton candy with a peanut mixture wrapped in the centre. It sounds a little unusual to describe but oh is it yummy!

I think that it will be easy for you to see from these pics, where the candy gets it's name. If you have the opportunity to try this sweet treat I'd recommend you do it!

A couple of other fun pics from our visit to Chinatown.


  1. I am going to leave for work early and see if I can find this candy at our Asian market.... Yummmm!!!

    Looks and sound like you crazy "foreigners" had a blast together! Just seeing you makes me miss you!!!


  2. Love seeing all the fun and smiles captured.

    Keep smilin!

  3. I might have to visit my local T&T to see if they have that candy there.

  4. Hm, I've never heard of that candy! Your closeup "beard" pics made me laugh.


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