Monday, May 12, 2008

Waiting Mommies Dinner #10

Saturday night was our 10th Waiting Mommies Dinner. What fun! We welcomed a number of new Vietnam Waiting Moms to our dinner this month. It's always neat to see this 'little' group grow and our GTA Waiting Mommies Yahoo Group now has over 50 members! It reminds me how important it is for us to have one another for friendship, support, encouragement and also to celebrate referrals and babies brought home!!

Here's the whole group together! Whoee, this was a big pic to set up for. Thankfully one of the dads showed up to pick up his little princesses so he helped us out by taking the pics. Thanks Mike!

Who's in the pic? Here you go. (back row, l to r) Me, Suzanne, Tammy, Andrea, Liz and Ava, Ange, Leslie, Anne-Marie, Stephanie and Justine. (front row l to r) Karen with Samara and Victoria, Tracey with Ran and Maia, Bev, Julia, Renny and Leah.

This month's dinner we were blessed to share the table with 5 adorable little girls celebrating Mother's Day a little early with their Mom's:



Ran(l) and Maia(r)


Part of our bi-monthly dinners is also a gift exchange. Since our group is now made up with moms waiting for baby girls, boys and children already home we've switched things up and each months gift exchange will now be a book theme. This month's theme was Alphabet books and I received this adorable little book for Hannah! Samara took one look at it and realized it was one of her very favourites! Sounds like it comes highly recommended! (Also, a big Thank You to Victoria and Maia who helped me out with the gift exchange! Thanks did a great job!)

I'm going to pop another special gift in here. Last week I received this adorable little hand-made bib from Kayce. Thanks so much Kayce! I'm sure it will be adorable on Hannah!

The next dinner is July 11th and unfortunately I'll have to miss it as I'll be on vacation that week. It will be my first miss since we started these dinners a year and a half ago. Oh well, the others are still planning on going so if you're in the GTA and want to come along, please email me and I'll pass on the details to you.

Thanks for another great evening ladies! These dinners are a great way to help keep our spirits up and also form friendships that will last long after our babies are home. Have fun next time and I'll see you in September!!


  1. How wonderful to share time with such special friends.

  2. That's alot of mums! Cute girls!

    Kayce is so clever - what a pretty bib!

  3. I have every reason to believe you all have a blast each time you get together. Curious. Are dad's invited? I ask only because I've noticed that when I attend some events with Aly I feel somewhat conspicuous when I'm one of just a few if not the only man in attendance.

    Nice pic!

  4. Fun times! We have the same bib!

  5. It was great to finally make it to one of the dinners and meet some of my fellow bloggy mammas in person! And of course it was great to see you again!

  6. Gosh looks like a great evening Catherine. I was so sorry to miss! It will be a while till I see you again as you will have to miss the next one.

    Have the best day.


  7. absolutely awesome that you have these dinners!

  8. One of the hardest things about being out here is not being able to attend the waiting mommies dinners. It was always so much fun!

    Glad you had a good time.

  9. Looks like another FUN night!!! Glad to see Tracey & girls got to attend this one.


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