Thursday, December 07, 2006

Lunch with Friends!

I'm late posting this...sorry! Busy, busy as I'm sure are all of you this time of year!

Saturday I had the awesome privilege of meeting bloggy friends new and not so new for lunch at Boston Pizza. Doris and Dan were driving through the area on their way to the city for a Christmas party. We arranged to meet for lunch and decided to try and make it a group affair. What a wonderful treat that 9 of us were able to get together at this busy time of year and share lots of fun, laughter and adoption talk. As well as Doris and Dan, Kathy and Joel, Michelle and Mark, and Rhonda and Josh (camera shy) were all in attendance. Our waitress quickly realized that food wasn't our number 1 priority and asked us to come find her when we were ready.

Prior to ordering it was fun to share little treats with one another! The first time I'd met Kathy she'd given Hannah her very first Christmas book and an adorable little frame.

I'm quickly learning that these get-togethers are a wonderful time to get to know one another and also share little treats with other waiting parents. As much as it's fun I'm realizing that we could all 'gift' ourselves into the poor house if we aren't careful. I've decided I'll take something the first time I meet someone but after that it will be fun just to see one another. :o)

Doris and I had met in the summer and exchanged gifts then but since we were 'hair accessory buddies' in November we decided to wait and exchange at the lunch. She found a whole bunch of cute little purple things for Hannah's hair! Absolutely adorable! She also gave me a magnet for the back of my car that says, 'Touched by Adoption.' It is purple pretty! I've been finding it tough to find hair accessories but Doris found lots! Thank you! I can't wait to put them in Hannah's beautiful dark hair!

Another fun treat that she gave me what one of our March DTC 'Marching Panda' buttons! I haven't ordered any of our Marching Panda accessories yet so this was extra special!

Rhonda brought each of us beautiful lotion. Mine is 'Coconut Lime.' Yumm! She also found these great little key chains with the Chinese symbol for 'Wisdom' on them. Thanks Rhonda!

Michelle had put together (errr...Mark put together) these cute little baskets of goodies....ladybug clip holders, Chinese dress wine bottle cover and absolutely adorable little bear mittens! Oh how I pray Miss Hannah is home to need those next winter!

After lunch we took time to take the obligatory group photos. Here are the girls all smiles!

And the guys, well they're looking 'tough.' :o) I think with all the talking and gift opening that went on over the lunch hour they were wondering what they'd gotten themselves into! LOL!!

Iit was a wonderful lunch and a great way to stay connected during the long wait! I couldn't help but imagine as we sat there how different our group will look a year or 2 from now...9 adults and 5 beautiful little girls gracing our table! Oh, now that will be fun!

Thanks everyone! Had an absolute blast and we'll do it again for sure! Doris, I haven't forgotten your offer to visit. We'll figure something out in the spring and head up the highway to visit you!


  1. sob...still sad that I wasn't able to join in!

    NEXT TIME! :)

    I hear it was a great time!

  2. It was so great to see you! Yeah...pls come for a visit.

    I would love to entertain you around the city and spend more time talking with you.

    Keep smilin!

  3. Ah, Catherine - What a fab time :0) I wish I had been able to be there.

  4. Catherine - it was great to get together again. We very much enjoyed getting to know you better!!

  5. Looks like fun! You should really visit the Edmonton area sometime.....:-)

  6. It was great getting together, we'll have to do it again!

  7. I love meeting other adopters. There's that great connection.

  8. I wish we'd been able to make it. Sounds like everyone had such a good time.

  9. Catherine..I am sooo excited for you as you adopt Hannah!!! I'm thrilled reading all your blogs about the an amazing journey!!! God Bless you and I can't wait to meet Hannah..I'll get to look after her in the nursery !!!!:)

  10. Don't ya just love getting together with other folks who are waiting?!!! Looks like you guys had fun!

  11. Thanks for sharing the fun with all of us:) I think it is great when we can get a chance to meet:)


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