Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Christmas Day Fun!

Monday morning I was up early after a night of anticipating the fun! I'm so glad that we can still enjoy Christmas as adults! The realization that God sent his one and only Son to earth in the form of a baby is amazing! He sent Him to be the Saviour for you and I! Wow!!! Such an amazing blessing!

I also love Christmas and was awake early anticipating the excitement of seeing Christmas through the eyes of Rebecca and Keenan!

As our family was waiting until 11am to get together, I headed over to my friends Carol and David's place at 9 to enjoy Christmas breakfast with them and share in the gift opening at their home. I'd brought home a couple of Carol's gifts to her kids from Disney last week so it was fun to see them opening those.

At 11 I headed to my parents and the fun with my niece and nephew began! At 7 and 2 they were such fun!!! Here they are with Daddy just waiting for an opportunity to rip into their gifts! Keenan had quickly learned at his Mom's earlier that morning that many of the brightly wrapped gifts under the tree would be for him!

The kids were both great and it was fun for me to watch Dad sit back and enjoy the gift giving this year as Rebecca was now able to read the tags and did a great job of handing presents to each of us.

This is my wonderful brother Dave showing the spare tire cover I gave him. He laughed when he opened it because I'd 'customized' it. For the last number of years Dave had driven a old Ford pickup truck that got him from A to B most times and was held together with rust, duct tape and prayer! The F and D had worn off the truck before he ever got it so we always referred to it as his 'OR.' This year a coworker of his gave his a Jeep that was not working but had a good body on it. Dave spent much time working with a friend in his garage and got the Jeep on the road and it works great! What a wonderful gift. We're also thankful that he now has a reliable vehicle to drive 45mins. each way a number of times each week to pick up his son. Anyway, back to the wheel cover. I figured since we'd had such fun with his 'OR' is was only appropriate that this new vehicle be his 'EE!'

I was surprised when Rebecca said there was a gift for Hannah under the tree! Wow!!! With her referral appearing to be more than a year away I really hadn't anticipated Mom and Dad buying anything for her this year. It gave me goosebumps when Rebecca called out, 'This one is for Hannah!' What a perfect gift from Grandma and Grandpa...her very first piano! Hmmm...wonder when I should ask Sharon about putting her on a waiting list for lessons? I hear in CA people sign up for preschool slots before their children are even born. Wonder if I should do the same for her and piano lessons? After all, she'll be heading to the best teacher I know for lessons...her Mommy's teacher! :o) (Don't worry Sharon, I'll make sure she p...ppp...pp...praictices (phew...that was tough to get out!) unlike her mother! ;o)

Christmas day was a great day! It was fun spending time with my parents, brothers and the kids. They were so good and had such fun playing with all their new toys. Keenan is all boy and it was all about cars and trucks this year. Rebecca is all girls and her favourite gift was her 'Biggest Littlest Pet Shop Playset.'

Christmas night Sharon and Larry and I were together which is something we've done almost every Christmas night for years and years. I always enjoy the special time we share together. We exchange gifts (yes, spoiled again!), chat about our day, share what we received from others and then just relax enjoying one another's company. Sharon is like the sister to me and I love the time we share together!

I hope all of you had a wonderful and safe Christmas! It's now 2 days later and the fun is continuing. I'm in Windsor spending time with extended family. Yesterday we were together with Mom's side of the family and today will be spent with Dad's. It will be crazy as there are about 16 kids coming (4 under a year old!) plus probably 25 adults. Can't wait! I love spending time with family and my arms plan on holding those babies close gathering cuddles and snuggles to hold me over until sweet Hannah is here.

Merry Christmas everyone! And I leave you with this fun...




  1. Wow! That is a lot of presents!! Great to hear that you had a good time and that the kids - and you - were spoiled!! You most certainly deserve it! Hannah will be lucky to have great cousins anxiously waiting her arrival!

  2. Catherine, you are blessed sweet girl. I'm so happy to know that you had a wonderful Christmas spent with lovely people. It certainly sounds as though Hannah will have a very special family to come home to.

  3. WOW....piano for Hannah!! It is so speical to know that others are thinking of our girls too!!
    You were one busy girl again. Glad to see you were able to carry on the traditions with your family & friends.

  4. Oh, Catherine, that looks like so much fun! I'm glad Hannah got a gift. Somehow it means so much to have someone acknowledge your daughter, doesn't it? And my daughter got the "biggest Littlest Pet Shop" too. Boy does she love it!

  5. Love the piano!! So great that your family is already loving Hannah so much -- she's a lucky girl!


  6. So thankful you had a great Christmas!
    Love the present for Hannah - you have precious parents!


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