Friday, December 29, 2006

Welcome Home Sweet Tess!

What an exciting Christmas this has been for my wonderful friend Julie and her sweet baby girl Tess! They arrived home safe and sound on Christmas day...the looongest Christmas day of their lives lasting over 35 hours! that's a lot of celebrating time!

Here is sweet Tess snuggled into her bed. Julie's friend noticed while they were in China that Tess liked the tag on her receiving blanket so when they got home she took to the little blanket I made for her as a gift. What a treat to see how much she enjoys it!

Sweet dreams Julie and Tess...zzzzzzzzz


  1. A child simply doesn't come more beautiful than that!

  2. She is so gorgeous! I was just looking at your taggie page, yesterday!!! Glad Tess is enjoying it!

  3. Catherine, Tess sure is adorable, isn't she?? I'm SO happy for Julie finally having her safe and sound and home at last.

    It's so nice to see her enjoying the blanket you made. It looks like I'd better put one of those on my shopping list. It seems that most of the babies love those!

    Donna :)

  4. I know Channing will have her taggie just like Tess does!! I better order a "back-up" soon for those just-in-case times!!!
    Tess is one beautiful girl and is just PERFECT!!!


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