Thursday, November 24, 2005

It's Beginning to Look a Bit Like Christmas! - Part II

OK...Anyone who knows me knows I love to have fun! Scrapbooking has been my favourite hobby for years now which you would think would help to calm my creative juices. Yes? No!

I received a call from a friend yesterday telling me that the foot that's been bothering her for a couple of months, had just been identified as broken! Yup...she'd been walking on a broken foot for a while and only yesterday was the problem finally determined. Ouch! Now, most friends would empathize with her - which I did. Offer to help out with errands, Christmas shopping, etc. - which I did. Then leave her with the offer...'If there's anything I can do, just call!' Ok, that was done too.

But, not wanting to leave things quite like that, I decided to 'help!' I decided that given the Christmas season we're preparing for, her boring old grey cast would never do! I understand that the traditional Christmas colours are green and red, but, you don't know my friend! She's a lady all the way and only pink pearls and cream decorations would do for her! I showed up at her workplace last night armed with Christmas shopping in one hand and my bag of tricks in the other! She just laughed as I pulled out lights, pearls and Christmas balls from the bag. Figuring she'd need to leave her desk, the lights were vetoed but I went to work with the other stuff. I must say, even though it was a quick and sloppy job, it was the fanciest cast I'd ever seen...for the 3 minutes the decorations were on! Oh well, we had a good laugh about it! She's just so very thankful, as are we all, to have an answer as to why her foot wasn't getting any better. Let the healing begin!

Do I enjoy having fun? Oh yah! I can't wait to teach the baby some of my little tricks. Such fun things to pass on to her!

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