Thursday, May 31, 2018

Month of May–A Little Bit of This and That

As we prepared for summer Hannah and I spent some special time together getting a pedicure together.  She looked adorable in her little nail polish leggings.

May h

For the past 2 springs the birds have built a nest on the ceiling fan above the deck in mom and dad’s back yard.

May i

Against all odds the birds laid eggs in this precarious spot.  They eventually hatched but unfortunately I didn’t get any pics of the sweet baby birds.

May g

This one makes me laugh.  I sit with Hannah when she practices piano and possibly ‘assist’ her.  LOL – I’m not sure she appreciates my help as much as I enjoy giving it! Winking smile

May j

We took a day and headed north with Nana and Papa and helped them open their trailer for the summer season.  It was our first time seeing their new room they added to the trailer.  What a beautiful addition!

May f

Seeding the lawn.  Mommy’s big helper!

May e

Time for spring planting.  Hannah loves to pick up the flowers she finds on the floor of the garden centre.

May cMay a

I receive precious notes like this all the time.  She melts my heart!!

May d

Dinner with friends – special times and a rare Mommy’s night out.

May b

When I got home she still wanted some cuddle time.  We cuddled for a bit but she just couldn’t stay awake any longer.  LOL – how can this be comfortable?

May l

Class trip to a local pioneer village.  It was such a treat to share this day with Hannah and her class in spite of the fact that it was stinkin’ hot.  It reminded me that not only did the pioneers not have AC they didn’t even have fans!  So thankful for the pampering options of 2018.

May n

May m

May p

The grade 3 portion of Hannah’s class

May o

One of the extra things I’ve done at work for a number of years is to be a volunteer Fire Warden and First Aid provider.  Wouldn’t you want to be a fire warden too if you got to wear this attractive outfit?! Smile with tongue out

May q

Celebrating Mommy’s birthday with her favourite person in the whole world!!

May k


  1. Hi! So glad to see that you still blog! Ive been following off and on since a year or two after you became a family! It warms my heart to see her so big! I still miss the salsa twins blog!

  2. I agree with the comment above! We have two boys from China and I love following all the blogs that showed kids coming home around that time. I would love to see how those twins have grown up! Hannah is such a darling girl and I love reading about your adventures! Keep it up!


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