Saturday, May 19, 2018

Early Morning Royal Wedding Celebration

Hannah and I were invited to an early morning breakfast celebration as we watched the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.  We were up bright and early and as I started to get ready I popped on the TV to see how things were coming along in England.  You can imagine my surprise when a friend’s daughter was shown in the crowd on CNN!  She is teaching in London right now so after classes finished on Friday she took a couple of buses and walked close to the chapel, hoping to see portions of the wedding.  You’ll see that she sure did!!

Katie is the blonde gal with glasses and her hair pulled back in the centre of the pic.  So fun!

May 19b

Our car was in the shop this morning so my friend Carol (Katie from above’s Mom), picked us up around 6am and drove us to the wedding viewing.  We were dressed in our best pj’s and wore hats to the wedding of course. Smile  (Thanks for Hannah’s sweet hat Auntie Deb!)May 19d

The wedding viewing party dressed in our finest!

May 19j

We enjoyed watching the wedding together, Face Timing Katie at various times.

May 19k

I’m not sure Hannah and Payton were quite as interested in the wedding as the adults were but they had a great time crafting together.

May 19h

Breakfast was a delicious combination of English sweets and treats!

May 19fMay 19g

It was a wonderful morning of celebrations shared with friends!

Oh yah, and Katie?  Were all her travels worth it?  Um, yup!  Can you believe how close she was??  Great pic Katie!  So happy it all worked out for you to share in this amazing day and thank you for sharing your excitement with us!

May 19i

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