Monday, August 01, 2016

Strawberry Picking

Hannah and I always enjoy strawberry picking and this year we were able to go the very first evening that the fields opened!  We went with friends Payton and Gage which made it extra special!IMG_1167 - Copy

The section we started in had us working hard for each and every tiny berry.  IMG_1177

That didn’t stop us from tasting them though!IMG_1173

Hannah’s version of ‘Where’s Waldo’IMG_1178

On Hannah’s travels she found a new patch with HUGE berries in it!  Way to go Hannah!!IMG_1181

After working hard to fill our small containers, we filled her princess bucket in short order when the new berries were found!IMG_1209

This picture makes me giggle!  IMG_1179Where people weren’t picking the fields were full of seagulls.  IMG_1189Sometimes they’d take to flight and you had to be careful they didn’t drop ‘something’ on you!  In this movie the gulls had a little encouragement to take off but it’s a good representation of what would take place every few minutes and we could hear drop, drop, drop around us!

It was a successful evening of strawberry picking with friends!  IMG_1198Tammy and I work in the same building and met last year when her family won a trip to Disney and someone put us in contact to help with planning.  A great friendship was formed between us and now our kids are wonderful friends too!IMG_1211

Another year of strawberry picking is in the books!  Smile  Love our annual traditions!!IMG_1205


  1. The berries look so yummy! It looks like you had a blast too! Such fun summer memories!

  2. So fun!! Bri and I didn't get to strawberry pick this year. I really missed it!

  3. Love fresh strawberries! And, Hannah is growing up! Great photos. You are still one of the few bloggers we can read (many went private and we didn't keep up with access).

    Alyzabeth's Mommy (Alyson)

  4. Wow! Wow! Wow! You really capture our strawberry picking adventure beautifully. It was a great evening with great friends and the strawberries weren't bad either ;) I looooove the first photo, can you please send it to me via email along with the one of the 4 of us, it's rare Korry and I are in the same photo with the kids.



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