Tuesday, August 23, 2016

7 Year Referral Day Anniversary!!

7 years ago today (Aug 21)  I received a call from Deborah at my agency and my life was forever changed in the most amazing, wonderful, awesome way!  I was a Mom and sweet Hannah XiaoFen (just 5 1/2 months at referral!!) was waiting for me in Hunan, China!DSC_2152

While parts of the day are a blur, some of it I remember like it was yesterday!!  LOL – could be because of the number of times I’ve watched these life-changing videos!!

Referral Video – Part 1

Referral Video – Part 2

Some other pictures from today’s photo shoot. SmileDSC_2113




And a walk down referral day memory lane…

2015 – 6.5yo2015---6.5yo

2014 – 5.5yo2014---5.5yo

2013 – 4.5yo2013a---4.5-yo

2012 – 3.5yo2012---3.5-yo

2011 – 2.5yo2011---2.5-yo

2010 – 17 months2010---18-months

‘The Lord has done this and it is marvelous in our eyes.’

Psalm 118:23



  1. This brought me to tears.... I don't think you 2 could have been paired any better!!!!!! Happy Anniversary and congrats! ��������

  2. Happy Referral Day anniversary! Hannah is getting so grown up - such a beauty! I love that she still wears the pigtails. :)

  3. Catherine Ryan, you were not kidding when you said I should have kleenex! You should have specified a box though! Wow, wow, wow! The video was so awesome and you are so smart to have recorded it. What a beautiful memory for Hannah to look back on someday. It's fate that your lives collided and you are the most amazing Mom to her. She hit the jackpot of Mom's when she got you! Truly enjoy hearing and reading about your incredible journey! TR

  4. Oh my goodness! I love those videos. So smart to record everyone's reactions. Aren't we blessed to have our Hunan girls? Hannah is a sweetie! And you're such a good mom. Thanks for being a good example for me.

  5. I love rewatching this every year! I can't believe how much she's grown just since last year. She looks so grown up and it makes me both happy and sad that our babies are getting so big! I got all teary eyed when I saw 2012 Hannah! She looks so cute. Hugs to both of you on your super special day!

  6. Going down memory lane was just delightful.

    Are you worried about Zika in Florida?

    1. No. I don't tend to be one who avoids things out of fear. I wouldn't go if I were pregnant but since there's no chance of that I'm not going to avoid going. So far it seems Miami is the main place and we're not going there. Also, Disney is now providing free insect repellent to all it's guests both in their rooms and the theme parks. We will use that.


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