Friday, August 19, 2016

Cottage Time 2016–Part 2

Summer and time at the cottage offers us time to relax and enjoy things our day to day life just doesn’t normally offer.  Hannah enjoyed feeding the ducks when they would come by for a visit (and snack!) each day.IMG_1423

Snack time for Hannah too.  Seriously, can you beat that view looking out the cottage windows??IMG_1426

Enjoying a ride in ‘Bampa’s Boat.’IMG_1437

Thanks for driving Uncle Dave – aka ‘Captain!’IMG_1436


Any good ride in the boat has only one destination in mind….ice cream!!IMG_1439


Enjoying a refreshing swim after our boat ride.IMG_1457


We also tried something new called Goose Chase which is a glorified scavenger hunt using our phones and posting pics to win points.  We had so much fun!  Love all the time our family was able to spend together!!IMG_1461

IMG_1623 - Copy2

It was also a treat to have family who live a distance from us visit for a day!  Uncle Tim and Aunt Chris.IMG_1472

Their son, my cousin Sean and his kiddos.IMG_1474

Another great year at MBC! IMG_1519

We’ll be back…..

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  1. What a view! I don't think I would get out of that deck chair the whole trip! Ha!


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