Monday, June 20, 2016

Hannah’s Gymnastics Graduation

Hannah moved up to the age 7 & 8 girls class at the gym this session and her new coach was amazing!  Hannah always had young teen girls as coaches but this time her coach was an adult and she was awesome!  She paid attention to each of the girls and each of the details of what they were doing.  Literally within weeks of Hannah starting with Coach Alla I could see her improving on a weekly basis and she was enjoying her time in the gym a lot too!
Today she also mastered climbing the rope right to the ceiling of the gym and ringing the bell!DSC_1992
Here she was relaxing before the awards ceremony.DSC_1995 - Copy
Congrats Hannah!DSC_2001
Thanks for coaching Hannah Alla!  We are both excited to know she will have you as a coach for the next 2 years!DSC_2005

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  1. Our daughters are so alike! Gym loving here and just finished Grade 1 of violin! :)



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