Thursday, May 26, 2016

Blessed to have Amazing Friends!

Having lived on my own for many years I have learned to be pretty self sufficient.  Things that I used to rely on my brothers or dad to do I now tackle on my own.   Setting up electronics can be done – even if it takes me 3 trips to the store to buy all the correct cables.  Checking air pressure in the tires and the oil level are now common place and I top each up as required.  Comes with having an almost 10yo car.

That being said, I still appreciate the help of others and it’s not uncommon for something others feel is ‘small’, to bring tears to my eyes.  While I enjoy my independence I’m still a girl who appreciates the little things too.  Lately a number of those things have come my way and I am so thankful!!

Earlier in the spring Hannah and I invited friends over for a games day.  They showed up with a sweet bouquet of flowers!  Yup, I teared up.

Shortly after that I went to their place for a get together and as I parked the car 3 of the guys came out and set to work.  Mark carried our suitcase into the house as Hannah and I were staying with their family that night.  Joel and Shawn proceeded to ask me to pop the hood of my car and checked the air filters.IMG_0744

Later that same week my co-worker Cory brought a bin of dirt to work for me to fill the garden buckets he helped Hannah make last spring. (Still need to post about those!) IMG_0746

I am so thankful for all of these guys and many more who are there for me and willing to help out!

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