Sunday, May 15, 2016

Hannah Learned to Ride a 2-Wheeler!!!

Hannah was close to learning how to ride a 2 wheeled bike without training wheels just before the snow flew but on her first day out this spring she mastered it!  IMG_0725

There are still some wobbles

and the occasional fall IMG_0729

but my girl has officially said goodbye to her training wheels and is now free wheeling!!


Way to go Hannah!!!


  1. Hey! I recognize that street! haha Good job, hannah! Now Mommy will have to run to keep up! Better get your roller blades out, Catherine! haha

  2. Good job Hannah!
    Love, Ben

  3. I absolutely love this post!! It is soooo cute! Took me back to when P had a little princess bike like that. Absolutely adorable! Thanks for sharing! TR

  4. yay, the best feeling in the world when they conquer something so huge and feel themselves going so fast. great job.

  5. Love seeing her growing up! We finally took AA to the beach at low tide to learn to ride without training wheels, very painless! I miss trolling your blog, I need to catch up! Life is just busy, busy!
    Alyzabeth's Mommy (Alyson)


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