Thursday, April 07, 2016

Our Ketchup Challenge

Canadians enjoy our ketchup.  For years Heinz purchased their tomatoes from local farmers and manufactured ketchup in a nearby town.  All of that changed a while ago when Heinz pulled out and left many famers and factory workers wondering where to turn next.


French’s has moved into the same factory, hired staff and are once again purchasing their tomatoes from local, Canadian farmers.  This has led Canadians to stand up and take notice.  A ketchup challenge is taking place across the country! IMG_0577

I will admit that I’ve been a Heinz ketchup girl since I was a child and only once did I make the mistake of buying a different ketchup.  Oh boy was I sorry when I did!

But now…all that is changing! 

Like many Canadians, once we finally got our hands on a bottle of French’s ketchup (thanks to my friend Gord who found them at his local store, as they’re disappearing off the store shelves as quickly as they are stocked) we set up a family taste challenge!

We quickly realized that they looked different so it needed to be a blind taste test.  Enter the official blindfold – my nephew’s dinosaur sleepers.  Smile

My brother David was first up.  IMG_0565

Next, Trish.IMG_0566

I was the third victim to go and lol….check out my dear SIL!

As you can see we had a lot of fun with this!

In the end 5 of us took the Heinz vs. French’s ketchup challenge.  All 3 adults were surprised that we would happily eat either ketchup as that wasn’t expected!

When encouraged to make a decision the final was:

Heinz:  1

French’s:  4

French’s was chosen by all 4 girls and I know that it will now become the ketchup of choice at our house! 


  1. And kudos to French's for moving into town!

  2. Loved this challenge Catherine!!! Now I just need to find a bottle of French's Ketchup. I went to Superstore and they were ALL gone. I want to taste test it. Glad to see that French's won 4-1. Thanks for sharing!! TR


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