Saturday, April 30, 2016

My Lego Girl

A couple of years ago I bought Hannah her first Lego set when we were on vacation.  I had no idea how Lego had changed since I was a kid with their neat pieces and great instructions!IMG_5561

Since then Hannah’s Lego collection has continued to grow as she’s purchased some herself and she’s received many as gifts.  IMG_0353


We wanted a place to store her Lego so I purchased a book case and Hannah was a big help putting it together!IMG_0076

I love this little video of her playing when she didn’t know I was filming.  I love to hear her sweet chatter.

Hours and hours of fun already….and to come.IMG_0338

As I was writing the post I suddenly realized that I could hear the familiar rustle of Lego pieces being played with in the play room above.  Smile  My girl in her happy place!IMG_0750


  1. ohhh a display case for the Lego projects-great idea. Mia loves to work on these & they seem to land anywhere in the house. Hannah is growing so fast..where does the time go.

    1. It's working great for us and gives her lots of room to play with her projects too. Even her old doll house that I was getting ready to sell has taken on a new life with her Lego figures.

      Yes....time flies far too quickly! :o)

  2. Looking good! But I think you already need another shelf! ☺️ I love all her castles!

  3. We have Lego lovers here too, even Lily who is about to turn 14 still loves the more intricate ones.
    umm talking of growing up, could you post a bit more frequently hannah grow like a foot! wowsa.

  4. :) Going to try to post more. It's been crazy around here lately but slowing down a bit thankfully!


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