Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Disney 2015 ~ Epcot Day 2, Part 2

(Friday, September 18, 2015)

Hannah and I made our way to Disney Springs to meet up with my brother and his family for supper at Raglan Road Irish Pub and Restaurant.  What a fun little place!  IMG_8790

While we waited for our meal to arrive we enjoyed the live entertainment. 

I’ve had little bits of salmon in the past and decided to order it for a meal but must admit it just wasn’t my thing.  While it was very good, I enjoyed Hannah’s fish and chips more.  That’s just my taste buds though and has nothing to do with the food.

Part way through the evening the dancers came around and asked the girls if they would like to dance.  Hannah initially said yes but then changed her mind before the dancing began.  Makenna participated though and was adorable!

After supper we went our separate ways.  Hannah and I went to Disney Quest.  It was a first for us and since it’s closing in the new year I wanted to check it out.  It wasn’t really our thing with the exception of the room with creative games which Hannah really enjoyed so we didn’t stay there long.

When we left there it was around 9:30.  I checked the MyDisneyExperience app and confirmed the hours of Epcot before I asked Hannah a question.  I was pretty sure I knew the answer but checked anyway.  I asked her if she would like to go back to Epcot and ride Test Track?  My question was met with a resounding YES and shouts of happiness! 

Knowing how late it was and my girl’s stamina I asked her what I should do if she fell asleep on the bus.  She said she wanted me to wake her up so that she could ride Test Track. 

We entered Epcot with her in a deep sleep.  These cast members giggled as I lifted up Hannah’s limp arm to scan her MagicBand. SmileIMG_8801 It was 10:45 at this point and we were like fish swimming upstream as everyone else was leaving the park.  We arrived at TT with minutes to spare…and Hannah still fast asleep.IMG_8803

She woke up as we got in line and after a quick potty stop got back in line to ride.  She looks a little weary here but trust me, she was excited as Test Track is her favourite ride at all 4 parks!IMG_8805

Check out her amazing car!  She ended up winning in our car with her great design.  Here is my girl enjoying her ride!  SO thankful we were able to do this!

We’re both looking a little worse for wear here but after a long day I guess that’s to be expected.   I checked my fitbit at the end of this day (most Disney days  had averaged around 14,000-15,000 steps) but that day I was just under 22,000.  Those tired eyes and feet were well earned!IMG_8810

Tomorrow:  Resort fun and the Magic Kingdom.


  1. I love reading about you Disney trip!! We were debating about Raglan Road back in Aug when we went, but I had heard it was really loud so we skipped it and tried the Boathouse instead. I think we will make a point to try Raglan road next trip.


  2. You guys are great! I love everything about this post, especially the video and the sleepy wristband scan! LOL

  3. You kill me! So jealous. I love it. You are seriously lucky girls.


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