Saturday, October 24, 2015

Disney 2015 ~ Epcot, Day 2, Part 1

(Sorry for the gap in posts.  Adjusting to a new school with a new language meant extra time with Mommy was needed to kinda just settle Hannah into her new routine.  She’s doing great now!!  Add to that our amazing Toronto Blue Jays and how well they did in the post season and my blog posting suffered.  Thanks for hanging in there and still being here now that I’m finally posting again.)

On Friday Sept 18th, Hannah and I went back to Epcot to enjoy our second day there.  There is so much to do at Epcot and even with 2 days we still didn’t get to enjoy all that we’d hoped to.  Just leaves more to do next time. Smile

As Hannah had reached 48” (48” sounds much better than 4’ as 4’ makes her sound too grown up!!) a few new rides opened up to us.  One new one we tried and Hannah enjoyed was Mission Space (Green) as it’s the milder version.  After being a little timid to ride it at the last moment, a little bit of encouragement that I knew she could handle it and we were off.  It was deemed a success and next time I think we might try the orange version as my girl loves spinney rides!

We had FP+ reservations for Soarin’ so headed there to ride it one final time with the current version of the California movie.  By the time we return next year Soarin’ will have been closed down for an extensive renovation period (January 2016 – Summer 2016) in order for them to open a 3rd theatre, update the movie to ‘Soarin’ Round the World’, as well as a new projection system.  We love the current movie (and especially the soundtrack) but I have a feeling the new one will be amazing as well!  We’re really excited as the new version is going to take us Soarin’ over the Great Wall of China!  IMG_8783

After riding Soarin’ we visited ‘Living with the Land’ that had just reopened that day after a short refurbishment.   I take a lot of teasing for enjoying this ride but Hannah and I enjoy this quiet time to sit back, relax and be reminded of how hard people work to grow the foods that we too often take for granted.  It’s always neat to see the innovative ways they are growing crops too.IMG_8776

The Land building has a good quick-service dining option called Sunshine Seasons so we stopped there for lunch.  As happened more than once, I looked down at our lunch tray and was thankful to be able to travel during the free dining promotion and realize that I’d paid very little for our food and the relief of not thinking of cost each time we ate was priceless to me.  We did not eat it all and desserts were packed away to enjoy later but this was our lunch on this day.  (Stir-fried beef with rice, Tortilla soup, watermelon, chocolate croissant and a macaroon with iced tea and chocolate milk.  Yup….all for free!)IMG_8774

When we left The Land we stopped to take a few pics.  I can’t believe how grown up she looks in these pictures!  The first is a selfie she took while I was getting the stroller.  Where did my baby go??



We had a FP+ reservation for our final ride of the day to ride Test Track which is Hannah’s absolute favourite ride at all the parks!  My Mommy heart dropped when shortly before our FP+ window opened I received an email advising me that the ride was closed for an undetermined amount of time and we were welcome to use our FP+ reservation at any other ride, at any time that day.  I know there’s nothing we can do when rides need to suddenly be shut down for safety/maintenance but I still felt terrible relaying the message as I knew it was the one ride she’d most been looking forward to riding all week!  In grand Hannah style she took the news like a trooper and asked if we might be able to do an Agent P assignment instead.  She’s awesome friends….absolutely awesome!!

We quickly made our way to the International Gateway and picked up our transponder, ready to save China! 

Hannah used her transponder to find special places in China and then trigger actions. 

I’m happy to say with the amazing ‘Agent H’ leading our mission we were successful and China is once again safe!  Thank you Agent H!!IMG_8785

Up next: Raglan Road and Disney Springs.

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  1. Hi Catherine,
    so glad to hear that you and Hannah are fine.
    As you must be a DL expert by now I was wanting to ask you some questions about visiting Disney. Next year my DD and I will be visiting DL in HK. She will be about the same age that Hannah is now when we go. I was just wanting to know if you had any tips? Should I take a pram?? How do you manage a camera etc when you are going on rides or do you just use the camera on your phone? Would really appreciate your opinion and thoughts.


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