Thursday, August 27, 2015

Summer Swimming Lessons

To say I’ve been thrilled and amazed by Hannah’s swimming improvements this summer would be a huge understatement!!  She’s gone from swimming close to the side and venturing out a couple of feet to jumping off the diving board in the deep end of Mom and Dad’s pool and swimming everywhere with confidence!  Because of this, when I took her to swimming lessons I chose not to bring last year’s report card with her as I’ve seen such great improvements that I was afraid that report might hold her back.  I’m so glad to have made that decision!   IMG_8227

This summer I signed Hannah up for 1 week of private lessons once again and it was a great choice for her!   Her teacher from last year (a family friend from church whom I’d taught Sunday School to when she was just 7yo) had married and moved away so Hannah had a new teacher this year, Annie.  IMG_8223

After Hannah’s first class was finished Annie stopped by to say that Hannah was doing great with her Level 3 skills!  3??  THREE??!!!  My little fish had skipped the last 2 ‘animal’ level of lessons as well as the first two numbered groups for an advancement of 5 levels!  WOW!!!

One of the skills Hannah started to working on is a sitting dive.  She did well – even when she forgot to use her arms! Winking smile

Hannah was introduced to the various parts of front crawl on Monday.  By Friday she was putting it all together and swimming an entire length of the pool! Doing a pretty good job of swimming the front crawl!  (Mommy was so excited that I forgot to get video of that one.)  As well as some awesome swimming on her back and learning to swim on her side, Hannah also began to tread water and more!  This little dolphin swim wearing flippers was one of her favourites!

In the end Hannah was thisclose to passing her Level 3 and I’m so proud of her!  Way to go Hannah!  Your lessons were a huge success once again this session thanks to your great listening and hard work!!IMG_8229

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  1. Way to go Hannah!! And what a great pool! I bet the water slide is a hit!


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