Monday, August 10, 2015

Our (Sunny In Our Hearts) Day at Canada’s Wonderland!

Today was my flex day off and I decided a few weeks back that I wanted to do something special with Hannah.  A trip to Canada’s Wonderland was quickly decided upon when Costco had tickets on sale last month.  IMG_4074

We were excited to meet up with Auntie Shell and Benjamin.  Here the kids are showing off their 48” wristbands which is a huge milestone for Hannah as she’s currently hoping to try riding Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster at Disney’s Hollywood Studios next month!IMG_4077-1

The weather forecast was a little iffy calling for rain in the evening so we decided to go ahead and get in as much fun as we could before the rain started.  At this point it was a beautiful, sunny morning and we were ready for some fun!  We started our day with Ghoster Coaster which is a good sized kid’s roller coaster and the ride where I first found out 3 years ago how much my girlie loved rides!!  After that Hannah tried her first suspended roller coaster (kid sized but still a great ride) and she declared Silver Streak to be her favourite ride of the day!

While Ben chose to ride it a second time Hannah moved on to a different ride.  Love her giggle!!


We moved up to an adult suspended roller coaster which Hannah liked a bit but was a bit too much for her.  Add to that that the rain had started ummm….6 hours earlier than predicted and we were now soaked and she decided she’d stick with the kid’s rides at least for now. 

At this point we went our separate ways as there was no sign of the rain letting up and Ben’s family has season’s passes so there is no sense them hanging out on a very rainy day.  Thankfully Auntie Shell had brought a couple of rain ponchos that she gave us and really those made all the difference!  We tossed them on and set out to find out what rides were open in the rain.  It ended up there were quite a few and zero lines!  IMG_8197

Hannah’s first bumper car encounter which was a hit for sure!!




We finished our day with a Wonderland tradition – a funnel cake!  Mmm!!!IMG_8208

Even though it POURED rain for many hours Hannah and I decided we were together and having a great ‘Mommy and Hannah Day’ and we were not about to let a little rain stand in our way!IMG_8209

As we left (both very thankful to have dry clothes in the car) Hannah said, ‘I had the very best day with you Mommy!’  Yup!  A little rain didn’t ruin our day!  It’s all what you make of it and we chose to make it FUN!IMG_4084-2


  1. Love how your girls braved the rain together! Canada Wonderland sounds like an awesome place! Bri would love it!

    1. You're right, Bri would love it! They have trampoline's with the elastic bands and I often think of your Bri when I see them!

  2. I absolutely love your attitude! Why let rain rule the day and rule out fun? You're the best.

  3. Way to go Hannah! 48 inches! Glad to hear you guys had fun! I just love your sunny outlook on the weather! What great memories for you two!

  4. Awesome shots of your awesome day at Wonderland! Rain, shmain, the fun must go on! Great attitude! That's why I adore ya!! :) TR


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