Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Summer Pool Parties

Hannah and I are blessed to have many wonderful friends whom we spend a lot of time with.  We get together with many of them on a regular basis but due to our small home it’s difficult for us to host gatherings.  In the summer all that changes as my parents kindly open their home to not 1 but 2 group gatherings which allows us to invite friends over.

In July it was a group of 4 families whom we get together with almost on a monthly basis.  Our kids have grown up together and often refer to one another as cousins.  (One other family is part of the group too but live a distance away so we included them via Face Time!)  The day started out sunny and everyone quickly jumped into the pool!IMG_8167

IMG_8157 - Copy





This past weekend was beautiful as we hosted a Family Day Celebration for a group of families from our agency that travelled to China 10 months after us.  I got to know them when Hannah was just a baby and I was invited to join them for their travel meeting and answer questions about our time in China.  Little did I know that they would welcome Hannah and I with open arms and include us in many group celebrations since then.  So thankful for this group of friends too!

Dave, Debbie and CharlotteIMG_8212

Laura, Chia-Yi and SienaIMG_8213

Hannah and IIMG_8214

I saw something new on TV the other day and decided to give it a try and it got 2 thumbs up all ‘round.  Individual dessert pizzas made on the BBQ.  It was neat to see how unique each person made theirs!  Yummo!!! IMG_8218


We are so thankful for this special group of friends and look forward to many more wonderful celebrations together!IMG_8221

Thank you Mom and Dad for opening your home to us and the time you share with us when we’re at your place!  You’re the best!!IMG_8215


  1. So much fun! I have a similar situation in that our home really is too small for get togethers, but my parents have a pool that makes for great times. We are there 2-3 times a week in the summer. :)

    1. Isn't it great to combine time with grandparents and a swim too?!

  2. Those BBQ desserts look so delicious! What a fun thing to do, nothing says summer like pools and friends! ~Golda

  3. Found your blog through the Salsa Fam and have been following since you went to China to bring Hannah home. I loved seeing a glimpse of K&G since their parents don't have a blog to follow anymore!

  4. Awesome swimming Hannah!! She's just a little fish that one! Loooove the dessert idea, you'll have to share more on that next week during our lunch date. Great pics of a great time! That's what Summer is all about! TPR

    1. T your family would love this dessert! They're fun to make and it's neat for each person to design their own personal dessert pizza. Happy to share more at our lunch next week!

  5. I just had a chance to catch up on your blog. I'm so envious of the amount of vacation time you get and love to see how much you enjoy it. You did so many exciting things this summer! I hope the new school year goes well for Hannah and that she finds her new school teacher as wonderful as her last one.


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