Thursday, July 16, 2015

Strawberry Picking 2015

A few weeks ago after a rainy, rainy weekend Hannah and I woke to a bright, sunny Monday morning.  It was the first week of her summer vacation and a flex day off for me ~ the recipe for a wonderful day together!!


Since it had rained for 30 straight hours the 2 days before we went strawberry picking I was concerned the fields might be a sea of mud but they weren’t and the berries were plentiful.IMG_7796





We picked lots of delicious berries and turned them into strawberry, apple rhubarb crumble; strawberry pretzel salad (In honour of my UT friends!); and strawberry jam!!IMG_8010

A great day from start to finish!


  1. What a fun day! I still have great memories of picking strawberries with my grandfather. We went every summer, just the two of us. It looks like you two are off to the start of a great summer!

  2. The two of you look so cute together. The recipe for the pretzel salad looks delicious. Do you have your recipe for the crumble you made. I love the combination of apple, strawberry and Rhubarb. My mouth is already watering :).

  3. What great photos! And thanks to your vivid, beautiful strawberry pics I wish I had picked more myself. Our two large baskets were gone in no time! What perfect way to spend a Monday! :) TPR

  4. I love strawberry picking! What a fun day!!


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