Saturday, July 18, 2015

Pan Am Games~Rhythmic Gymnastics

Toronto is privileged to host the 2015 Pan Am Games and Hannah and I are loving it!  Yesterday we travelled into Toronto to see some of the Rhythmic Gymnastics competition.  It was an early start for us during our week of vacation where we’ve quickly got into the routine of staying up late and sleeping in until 9am but we were happy to get up early for a day of new adventures!IMG_3956

All public transportation in the city and surrounding areas is free for those holding event tickets so it was an easy decision to take the GO Train to our venue.IMG_3959

Hannah asked if she could take a couple of furry friends along and chose the little clear bag above to carry them in.  It ended up being perfect as we gathered treasures throughout the day and they all went into her little bag. 

I found it quite funny on our way in how even though we cleaned off adjacent seats to us each time we stopped to pick up new passengers somehow Hannah and I ended up with 4 seats to ourselves.  I’m guessing on a busy Friday commute into the city, regular passengers on their way to work weren’t feeling the love of sitting near a cute but busy 6yo! IMG_3960

When we arrived at our venue we were excited to find out that we’d received a free upgrade and had been moved to a more central section and had seats in the 3rd row!  Hannah saying ‘thank you’ to the man from Ticketmaster who was giving us our new tickets.IMG_3961

Great seats!IMG_3962

The competitions we saw were hoop,IMG_8015 and ball. IMG_8020

The Canadian girls are in 5th and 6th place after the first 2 events.  The remaining events are taking place today and tomorrow.  IMG_8024

The final event was really exciting and I only wish there had been more teams competing!  It was team ribbon and it was stunning to watch and beautiful!  The funny thing was that during the first team, each time the girls threw their ribbons into the air at the same time Hannah would call out, ‘Fireworks!!!’  She had myself and all those around us in stitches!  This is the US team who ended up in 2nd place. 

After the competition one of the Canadian athletes, Carmen Whelan came into the area we were sitting and was happy to pose for pictures.  Hannah thought it was pretty neat to meet her! IMG_3964

After we left the competition we found lots of other things to participate in but I’ll save that for another post.



  1. What an awesome day you had! The ribbon routine on the video was mesmerizing! I bet it was so fun to see in person! I'm happy that you got to go!

  2. We were there on the 12th and the 19th. Sorry we missed you!


    1. Too bad Becky! Not would have been fun to meet up there. Hope you enjoyed your events too!

  3. First I have to say that I looooooove Hannah's dress! Absolutely adorable and the red & white, how fitting for the event! Looks like you lovely gals had a SUPER great time! Can't wait to hear more on our lunch date! TPR


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