Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Hanging Out with the Salsa Family ~ Great Wolf Lodge

This was the first time Hannah and I had been to a Great Wolf Lodge resort to stay and we had a great time!  (Hannah affectionately calls the one in Niagara Falls our potty spot as it’s where we often stop to use the restroom before crossing over the border on our way to the Buffalo airport. Smile)IMG_8125

Check~in was quick and we were soon on the way to our rooms.  We hadn’t wanted to be too close to the elevator as there is a game that the kids play there so we’d asked for rooms away from the elevator.  We laughed as we walked and walked…and walked to our rooms!  Can’t say they didn’t listen to our request!

Hannah and I had a standard room which was huge and more than enough for the 2 of us!  Auntie M and her family had a KidsKamp Suite and the girls had a ton of fun climbing the walls…literally!IMG_0949


After sharing some Canadian snacks with our friends (ketchup chips, all dressed chips, Nanaimo bars, Canadian Smarties (although this Canadian much prefers M&Ms)  and delicious butter tarts we headed to the water park.IMG_8131

The girls were standing on a part of the pool that slopes towards the water.  All the girls were measured on their way into the water park and the twins are both the same height.  Hannah measured in around 47 1/2” which means she still has a 1/2” to grow before she can ride Rock n’ Roller Coaster at Disney in September which is her goal…she thinks! Winking smile

The girls enjoyed their time there!  Although Hannah liked the slides, the wave pool was by far her favourite part of the water park!  (Please excuse the fuzzy pics.  I forgot the waterproof case for my camera so carried it into the pool in a ziploc bag.  Heh!)



After a swim and supper the girls enjoyed playing a game around the lobby and elevator area of a few floors.  It reminded Hannah a little bit of Midship Detective on the Disney Fantasy.

Our second day was full of more fun similar to the first and we had such a great time and visit together that I pretty much forgot to pull out my camera. 

It was SO good to see you M3 and I cannot wait to see you next summer when Hannah and I head west to visit you!!  Our time together flew by far too quickly yet it was such a treat to be able to spend time together and for that Hannah and I are thankful!

See you next year dear friends!  We love you!IMG_8137


  1. Looks like a blast! Marin would love Niagara Falls and a GWL/Niagara trip is on our to do list! I am so glad you guys got to see each other! Say hi to M3 from me! Has she given up on her blog after all these years?! It looks like Hannah's swimming ability has exploded this summer! I'm so proud of her! I also think Rock & Roller Coaster is a worthy goal even though I am so thankful that Marin has many, many inches to go. Ha!

  2. Thanks for sharing. Miss seeing blogs on the Salsa page. The girls sure have grown. I like Hannah's goal of a 1/2 inch for Disney. Fun goal, hope she reaches it. That is one ride I know Ri or I will never ride.

  3. So SO SO fun to get to hang out with you guys. Still grinning. Big hugs and kisses from the whole fam. (PS: you were right - west was best, the time change this way wasn't even noticeable)

  4. What fantastic memories for Hannah with her BFF's! She is the most photogenic kid ever! GWL is the best place ever for kids to have a blast in the water! Thank you for sharing your beautiful photos! TPR

  5. It looks like you guys had a great time! Great Wolf Lodge is on my bucket list of places to go!


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