Monday, February 24, 2014

*It’s Almost Time!!!

(Saturday, February 22nd – AM)

We needed to be up and ready with luggage packed by 8:00am Saturday so after a restless night’s sleep for me we woke just before 7.  Can you say – too excited to sleep?!!  Hannah woke up early too, excited for our day to begin!  We checked out the Port Canaveral webcam to see that our ship had arrived overnight and was waiting for us!!

It was a matching t-shirt day although Nana and I didn’t have the fun mis-matched socks Hannah was wearing after our visit to ‘Little Miss Matched’ at Downtown Disney last night.  All their socks are sold in groups of 3 and are coordinated but not matching.IMG_2169

Mr. Donald picked up our bags shortly after 8am and they were on their way to the ship.  The next time we’d see them they’d be outside our stateroom.  Nice.  There were a number of times today that I found myself in awe that it was us who were going on this cruise. After watching others for years and dreaming of the day, the day was finally here!IMG_2173IMG_2174

We now had about 4 hours to fill before we needed to board our bus so we walked over to Art of Animation and enjoyed breakfast there.  When we got back to Pop Century Hannah was excited to learn she could go for a swim.  Playing in the snow yesterday turned to swimming outside today.  We’ll take the swimming thank-you-very-much!IMG_2179

The 3 of us were giddy with excitement and turned the camera on ourselves to catch some of the fun.IMG_2183


One final cute pic before we moved on with our cruise.  When we checked in yesterday the Cast Member told us we were staying in the Juke Box section.  When we got there Hannah couldn’t figure out why we would call this silly thing a ‘juice box.’  LOL!IMG_2187


  1. Looks like a great cruise kick off! I hope you are having a great trip so far! I just know you are! That is one huge "juice box"! Ha!

  2. I'm loving these posts!!! Can't wait to read more! What an amazing adventure!

  3. When we were on our bus to the cruise,I suddenly spotted the Dream in port, and I burst into tears!!! It was a "dream" come true to be able to take my kids on a cruise!!!!! It was so overwhelming for me. I know you will have an awesome time too!!!!!


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