Saturday, February 15, 2014

2014 CNY Celebrations

Hannah and I shared 2 weekends of CNY celebrations with family and friends.

She was invited to take in her story books to school and also shared red envelopes with gold chocolate coins with her classmates. 

We kicked off our celebrations at our favourite Chinese food buffet with Grandma.  Cotton candy for dessert.  LOL – not your typical CNY dessert!IMG_1981

The day after this we braved the snow and went to a mall about a 1/2 hour away to celebrate with a local Chinese Cultural Centre.  We enjoyed walking around listening to the beautiful Chinese music, watching people create neat things like paper hearts, IMG_1988and Hannah’s name written in Chinese.IMG_1990

Face painting is always a hit with my girl and this little panda was adorable!IMG_1994

There was a place set up where the children could also try Chinese calligraphy.  She really enjoyed this and practiced for about 20 mins before asking to move on.IMG_2000

Once we left we went to celebrate with friends from our agency.  I love the friendships our girls share!IMG_2001

Debbie made this beautiful cake to celebrate the year of the horse.


While the adults were chatting around the dinner table the girls were playing upstairs.  It’s amazing how much noise 4 little girls can make!  We were sure they were going to come through the roof so E and I went up to check in.  We laughed when we saw what our creative little girls were doing!!

Thanks for hosting such a great party Debbie, Dave and Charlotte!  We love being invited to share in your travel group celebrations!

Our final celebration was with a group of friends, many who live locally and a few who drove a distance in the snow to join in the celebration.  Back in 2006 all of us began to attend a Waiting Mommies group and now we all have our children home to share in the celebrations!  Perfect!!

Opening their red envelopes.IMG_2086

A wonderful time of celebration Gong Hey Fat Choy!!IMG_2106


  1. What a cute panda face painting! Love the walkover practice! Ha! Our couches are used to practice the same skill. All. Day. Long. Ha! I always think he'll break his neck! Looks like you guys had a great time with all that celebrating! Happy Year of the Horse!

  2. Wow! You're extremely lucky--two photos with all the girls looking. Bonus--they are all smiling. Can you send me those photos--I don't think I was as lucky.

    You are always welcome to join us any time--we love the spirit and laughter you and Hannah add to our beautiful group.

    Gung hey fat choy, dear friends!

  3. Oh my stars! What fun, friendships and adorbale little ones :)


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