Tuesday, February 18, 2014

An Early Birthday Celebration

Since we’ll be away on Hannah’s birthday we decided to celebrate with the family a couple of weeks early this year.  She understands with the cruise we’re not going to have a ‘friends’ party this year so she’d told me she wanted a ‘Frozen’ party with her friends when she turns 6 next year.  This led me to go on a crazy search to purchase Frozen items for this year’s party.  It was a rough go but I eventually found a place online that had everything in one package and they could ship it in time for her party.  Woo hoo!!

Here’s Hannah’s reaction to her ‘Frozen’ birthday party surprise.


Hannah and a few of her cousins waiting patiently for supper.IMG_2056


Nana 3 - CopyHannah’s Auntie Trish offered to make her cake and it was beautiful!  Thanks Auntie Trish!  What a special gift your cake was to Hannah!  The doll was Hannah’s gift and she loves it!  What she didn’t know what that Grandma and Grandpa had bought her the matching Elsa doll so she has both.IMG_2053 

Celebrating with a cool flowering candle.

Wow Sweetie!  I can’t believe you’re almost 5!!!  Mommy loves you so much!  Happy Birthday!!  We’ll celebrate again soon when we’re on ‘Mickey’s Boat!’



  1. Good job mama! Her auntie did a good job with the cake. It seriously looks like you bought it at a bakery.
    Have lots of fun on the cruise!

  2. Happy birthday to Hannah! The cake is amazing! Have fun on Mickey's Boat! :)

  3. Aaackk, six! I had to cover my eyes ;) It seems crazy enough that she's going to be 5. What a wonderful way to celebrate, family now, Disney later ;)
    Love her happy kicky feet at the surprise :)
    I want that star candle!!!

  4. Happy Birthday, Hannah! A whole hand, wow!!!


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