Sunday, January 05, 2014

Times They Are A Changing

Tuesday was a brand new day.  I woke up and prepared to go to work and my dear friend Norma woke up to a life of retirement.   We have been the best of friends at work for over 20 years, sharing most lunch times and breaks together and this is going to be a big change for both of us.  IMG_1620

I am SO happy for her as she’s worked hard for all these years and deserves a long, wonderful retirement!  Norma has been a great friend and mentor and I will miss her words of wisdom at work.  Her husband John retired a number of years ago and now she gets to join him in their new life together.  I’m sure there are many wonderful days before them and many, many trips to exciting places!  IMG_1621

It’s easy to say that of all the memories we share together the one I’ll cherish the most is her being with me when Hannah was placed in my arms.  She was the calming presence in our room as we prepared to go to the Adoption Centre in Changsha to meet Hannah and I will forever be grateful for her presence at this most amazing time of my life!!Imported Photos 00068

You will always hold a very special place in both our hearts Auntie Norma!!norma and hannah2 nov 2009

Norma hoped to retire quietly but Cory and I had other plans for her.  We stayed late Dec 23rd knowing that the 24th was the last day we’d all be there together and also that her grandchildren would be at work with her that morning.  The perfect time to create a memorable departure!  IMG_1803

Yes, he blew up every single one of those balloons and stuffed her office full!

The kids arrived the next morning and were only too happy to help Auntie Norma/Grandma out!norma 2

The jury is still out on who had more fun?  The kids or Cory???

By the end I think Cory was crying ‘uncle’ so we called off the kiddos.  This pic just makes me giggle.  Check out my ladylike little girl!norma 1

So much for sliding out quietly!!

Norma, I’m so happy for you and looking forward to hearing about your retirement adventures! It won’t be the same at work without you but our friendship has stood the test of time and I know that it will continue now, just through phone calls, texts, emails and lunch visits. 

I love you friend!!  Happy Retirement!!!  norma and cath june 2012


  1. Congratulations, Norma!

  2. What kind of work do the two of you do?

  3. Too much fun! Love it! Congrats to Norma on this next chapter. Lots to look forward to!


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