Thursday, January 23, 2014

January 2014 Gymnastics Graduation

When I signed Hannah up for gymnastics for the fall session I asked about moving her into the 5/6 class even though she was only 4 and the gym was fully supportive.  I’m glad they were and I’m so glad we went ahead and did this!  She started out behind the other girls in her skill level but as the weeks went by I began to see her growing and challenging herself a little more.

One of the new skills she tried this term was to do a handstand on the beam with her coach helping her.  Gotta love her dismount!  Now that’s creative.  Winking smile

There is one of the coaches at the gym that Hannah only had once but I absolutely love her and she is wonderful with the Hannah!  I would watch my little girl come alive under her coaching and she would bring new things out of her each and every week.  The theme Coach Kathy had for her was ‘slow your body down Hannah’ and you can see why in the video below. 

Coach Kathy stepped in the next time Hannah cycled through and there was immediate results.  She’s only 4 and my first priority for her gymnastics is having fun but it’s also neat to see how she improves when encouraged by a great coach!   Whenever she’s worked with Kathy she gets this sweet grin of satisfaction on her face knowing she’s risen to the occasion and Coach Kathy rewards her with tons of encouragement.  A win-win for both.

Hannah has been taking gymnastics for almost 3 years now it's been fun to watch her through the years.  Here’s a quick throwback to her first gymnastics session in a parent ‘n tot group in the spring of 2011 when she had just turned 2yo.

Hannah I’m so glad that you enjoy gymnastics so much and that it’s still something you look forward to each week!  Mommy loves watching your learn new things and make new friends in class!IMG_1959

Thanks Coach Sydney!



  1. I wish I had her energy! Great job Hannah! How cute was she at the mom & me class?! Adorable!!

  2. So cute! First place in everything, I think. How awesome. Her smile is priceless.


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