Saturday, September 21, 2013

13th Annual Apple Picking Sleepover

Last weekend was one that we all enjoy!  It warmed my heart when Bec and Tor informed me that they will never be too old for our annual ‘Apple Picking Sleepover!’
Now that they’re 14 and 15 this year I wasn’t sure if they would still want to come but it was them who announced shortly after we got together that they have no plans of these yearly celebrations stopping so keep the invitations coming.  Yay!! 
It was an absolutely beautiful day!IMG_0834
Once in the orchard the girls knew our first picture would be them walking down one of the rows of apples.  We slid under a rope to get to an empty row and then went back to the ones that were ready for picking.  IMG_0839Our fall is busy this year so our adventure was earlier than normal.  Not many apples were ready but we made out just fine and the apples were beautiful and delicious!
My girls.  IMG_0860
Hannah (4 1/2)IMG_0852
Bec (14)IMG_0850
Tor (15)IMG_0848
Precious moments….precious memories!IMG_0857
The girls are SO good at playing with Hannah.  First there was schoolIMG_0886
and then ‘Trouble’.  I’m sure there was some Princess time too.IMG_0888
Special memories created for all of us!IMG_0855


  1. That looks so amazing and fun.
    The pictures are really cute.
    So I can get ice bake the

  2. You and Hannah are wearing my favorite shade of pink. It looks great on both of you!!

  3. fabulous. You didn't do the throwback photos showing how much everyone has chnaged sine the first time you did this!


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