Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Tap, Tap, Clap. Tap, Tap, Clap.

Hannah has loved to dance since she was a little baby!  This first video was taken when she was just 11 months old.  I can’t believe how little she was, and how clever!  I can’t wait to show her this video when she wakes up tomorrow morning! 

Hannah loves hearing about when she was a baby and looking at videos and pictures. Playing ‘Baby’ is something she enjoys doing and I love indulging her and remembering what it was like. I can’t believe she’s almost 4 already!! 

I like to offer her a variety of activities to try so when I saw an 8 week tap dancing class being offered at a local community centre I signed her up.  It’s casual and tap shoes are not needed but I knew my little girl would love the sound of tap shoes so I searched on Kijiji and we found a used pair that works perfectly for her!  It’s hard to catch her standing still (ok, nearly impossible!) so here’s the best I could do.IMG_9823

(Taken through the classroom door)IMG_9788

Here they were working on their ‘tap, tap, clap’ step.  Heh!  Love how hard she’s concentrating and the effort she’s putting into it!

This final video was taken during free dance at the end of the class.  (Note, Hannah was involved in a little crash at the end.  All were okay but she felt AWFUL!!)  This free dance captures my little girl to a ‘T’!!  She’d be happy to do this all day and when you see her in action this is much how she loves to move!

I love my little dancing girl and seeing the changes as she grows!!


  1. What a little mover! I love to see children dance. What a gift you're giving her, to be able to express herself like that.

    And the poor little girl who bonked her face on the floor! It didn't look like it was Hannah's fault at all, though! Just a trip?

    1. I love to watch her dance and see the freedom she feels to move around!

      The little girl who fell was fine and back up dancing soon after this. When you're 3 you forget that there are others around and you just dance, dance, dance!

      There is a ballet class before this but it's full. :o(. I might try next session but also don't want to book too much as spring is the one session each year that she does swimming lessons. Decisions, decisions!

    2. They bumped into each other by accident and I thought it was cute how Hannah stopped dancing and went towards the girl.

      From experience, dance classes fill up fast.

  2. I can't believe how teeny tiny she was...I just can't. time is flying Catherine, please make it slow down because if Hannah is getting this big my girls are too.LOL

    I love watching her just dancing around with such joy and happiness.


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