Thursday, January 31, 2013

Let's Talk Disney!! What would you like to know?

Life is moving along wonderfully right not but there's not always a lot of pics or new stuff to share during the week so the blog gets a little quiet.  Yesterday was warm and balmy here and hinted of spring but over night winter came back with a vengeance and it's cold, windy, snowy and nasty!  Ugh!!  (Thankfully today is Summer Day for Hannah at school so she's happy to be wearing her 'short clothes' again.)  Anyway, with all this cold and snow it makes me want to talk about my favourite vacation spot....


I guess I'm not the only one dreaming of warmer days as my email box is overflowing with emails from family and friends who are planning Disney trips!  Some are leaving as soon as this weekend (Have a great time Becky and Meigan!!!) while others are planning well into the summer.  It looks like the week we're going to be there WDW will be filled with family and friends!  So far 4 other families are booked and more families are hoping to book if a Free Dining offer comes out.  C'mon free dining!!

So, now I want to open the floor to you.  What questions do you have about Walt Disney World in Florida?  I don't have any experience with Disneyland in California and so far my Disney Cruise experience is only in the planning stages but thankfully that's going to change.  I'm learning lots about the cruise and getting more excited every single day!  Oy - it's going to be a long year!  Still am not sure when I'll tell Hannah but my current goal is after Christmas next year.  We'll see if I make it!  M3 tends to think I'll spill the beans far sooner than that and she could be quite right!  She knows me well!

So for now, what questions do you have about WDW?  I'm happy to share my experiences with you and help you as I can.  I just do this for fun and it sure is enjoyable to me.  The next best thing to our own Disney trips is helping others learn, plan, prepare and experience Disney!

Today's word on the street is that Disney buses are getting a makeover!  While I'm still a fan of the bus colours that are being faded out
I'm sure I'll get used to the new colours too.  Although, the bus I'm most excited about right now is this one:
It's fun to be planning for something so new and exciting for Hannah and I.  I've deamt of this for years and now it's becoming a reality!

For now though, are there questions I can try to answer or help you with? 

Let's talk Disney!!


  1. I'm not so keen on the new buses but I'm sure they will grow on me.

  2. It's something I definitely want to do with Keira in the future. Can't wait to see what others ask and what comes up during these posts! How old was Hannah when you went the first time?

  3. How many "Free Dining's" can a family have?

  4. How do you get fast passes?

  5. We are 15 days and counting until our trip to WDW. I am so excited and Rieley hasn't even been told yet. Will be telling her the morning of boarding our plane for the magical place. We will be traveling and meeting up with another adoptive family nd they go 2-3 times a year, so no questions from me this time., You were a big help with our last trip though. Thanks so much.Happy counting down to your cruise.

  6. What is the best Age to bring a child to Disney for the first time? Which resort is the the best location?

  7. First trip for our son was at 3 years, 7 months old this past November. I was glad we waited just a little bit, until he was toilet trained. It was a lot less stuff to tote. Bathroom stalls were plentiful, but there was always a huge backup for diaper changing tables during our visit. I would highly recommend a trip at least once, before they start school. My kiddo still thinks the characters are "real" and is very into the "magic" if it all. He literally shook with delight on many occasions. We are going back this month! Plan to spend a lot of time waiting for characters at this age though! That seems to be a favorite with the 3 year old set! Having been a long time reader of this blog, I really wanted to take Marin every time Hannah went! :)

  8. Hi Catherine
    We live in Australia and one day will make the treck to the US, most likely in the next couple of years which would make my youngest around 5 years old. However, as this will be a one off trip I was wondering what is better, Disney in LA or Florida. I have two other children that will be around 13 and 14.


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