Tuesday, January 29, 2013

3yo Cuteness!

I love 3!!  Even though babyhood has been left behind there is so much to enjoy about 3!  I’m sad that 4 is quickly approaching even though I know it will be just as wonderful and hold it’s own new moments to love and embrace.  I like to tease Hannah right now that it’s ‘Four and no more!  You can’t get any older than 4!’

Last week she surprised me and had me in splits when she said.   ‘You’ll have to talk to God.  He made me that way!’  LOL!!


I love the way her little mind thinks and the adorable things she says!  Some of the ones I’ve remembered to write down are:

‘Noah, you have the very best friend in the whole world!  You have me!’  (Heh, cute and humble too!)

‘Mommy, I need a Kleenex.  My nose is running out!’

When we left Disney World last summer I realized we’d been there a while when we sat down to supper at home and she said to me, ‘One moment please.  Your server will be right with you!’

Tonight we were praying for her friend who has the flu.  I prayed, ‘Please be with Noey and help his tummy not to be sick.’ and was gently corrected when Hannah said, ‘Mommy.  It’s not Noey’s tummy that’s sick.  It’s his mouth!’  LOL!!

The final one happened after tap last week.  There are twins in her class and Hannah said to me, ‘Mommy, those girls are twins like Ro and Ree.’  I asked them how she knew they were twins and she replied, ‘Because they were born from the same lap!’  Hehe!!  I guess that’s how she interpreted what was happening with my co-worker.  She met Miss Tracy recently and she’s having twins in a couple of weeks so I mentioned that she has 2 babies in her belly.  Voila  - 2 babies born from one lap!  Smile

I love 3 and I love my 3yo SOOOO much!!


  1. Oh so cute. Great that you remember to write these things down. Yep . . . 3 is great (but so is four!) I always tell my kiddos they're not allowed to get older but they just never listen! Sigh . . .


  2. I love the comment about Noah's best friend. I, too, just love this age. Charlotte has come out with some really cute comments. Where do they get it from? I'm sad to see our little ones leaving toddlerhood behind, but the years to come will have their special moments too. Before we know it, Charlotte will be tucking us into bed and then borrowing the car keys to go out with her friends.

  3. So cute!

    I can't believe she's approaching 4 already. Sigh.... You are right, "Four and no more" for sure!


  4. She is so cute! I love the "You'll have to talk to God, He made me that way" comment! So sweet and innocent. You are so lucky to have her. 3 was one of my favorite ages too.

  5. Too stink'in cute! Out of the mouths of babes. Love it! You'll both look back at her expressions ten or twenty years from now and get a good chuckle. Good for you for remembering to write them down!


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