Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Cottage Fun with Friends

Hannah and I were invited to spend the weekend with friends Liz and Ava at their cottage.  Even though the forecast was rain, rain, rain we knew there was much fun to be had!  In the end the weather was much nicer than forecasted and even when it rained the girls created many masterpieces with Ava’s craft supplies.

Going to the cottage offered Hannah the first time to leave our province for another Canadian province.  I was surprised to realize that as much as she’s been to at least 8 US states (when we include stopovers in airports), she’d never been outside of Ontario in Canada.  That all changed last Friday.IMG_6946

When we arrived at Liz and Ava’s cottage we decided to go for a quick Sea-Doo ride as we weren’t sure if we’d be able to later in the weekend.IMG_6870


Miss Liz purchased a number of matching outfits for the girls.  Here are their night one nightg0wns.  Cuteness abounds!IMG_6877

Saturday morning dawned cloudy but not rainy so we dressed for a morning of frogging and clamming.  We started off attempting to stay day and quickly decided that getting wet was the only way to go!IMG_6878

Miss Liz is much braver than Mommy!!

After collecting 1 frog for each girl IMG_6884

IMG_6881we trekked further down the beach and hunted for clams. IMG_6887



You can see by this picture that the water is shallow for a LONG ways out.  We had walked out from the beach and the water never even reached Hannah’s seat!


Clamming was followed by some swinging and sliding fun and then it was time for lunch.IMG_6912


This video makes me laugh.  Can you tell these girls love their gymnastics?

More cottage fun to come.


  1. Cute! Love how the girls have matching outfits. So fun!

  2. Love the matching outfits! Looks like you had an awesome time!

  3. We loved having you both! Can't wait for the next visit!

  4. I want to catch frogs! Can I come next time? :) I love the pointed toes on the slide. Most kids just slide...yours have artistry!

  5. What a great way to spend the weekend! Having waded out on that shallow shore, I know how good the sand feels between the toes!

  6. I need to move by you! Holy cow....YOu guys are always doing something fun!

  7. It is so good seeing the girls together! Looks like a fun time!


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