Monday, March 26, 2012

Please Pray for Baby Ivy Joy

This morning at 8:00am sweet Ivy Joy, home from China just 5 short weeks, will undergo life changing heart surgery.  Beautiful Ivy Joy is 21 months old and she is AMAZING!  God has sustained her life (living with oxygen saturation levels often hovering well below 50 when 100 is the norm) and now we pray that today He will provide the valve required as well as guide the hands of the doctors who will be operating on this amazing little girl!

Please join me in praying of Ivy Joy.  (Note: website plays music)

Ivy Joy

And now….do you want to hear an AMAZING God story that I just realized as I wrote this post?  My heart is still racing as I write this!

The world of blogs is one that is intertwined and I often find myself reading blogs and not remembering how I initially found them.  Was it through a comment the writer left on another blog?  Was it when someone posted a link about a family meeting their baby in China?  Was it through a Rumor Queen ‘Babies’ post?  I often don’t remember as was the case for Mary’s blog, Ivy Joy’s mom. 

Regardless, this beautiful little girl grabbed at my heart strings and for weeks now Hannah and I have been praying for baby Ivy Joy, crying out to God and asking Him to strengthen her enough to have the heart surgery she so desperately needs and also to provide the valve that will be best for her.

Knowing that her surgery would be today I wanted to write a post and ask you to please pray for Ivy.  In doing so I went to their blog and read some of the older posts a little more in-depth and that was when IT HAPPENED!

It was today that I realized not only were we praying for a precious baby girl and her family….we were praying for a family I had met in China and who had received their first daughter in the same room I met Hannah on the very same day!!!  We had chatted in the hotel on a couple of occasions and even bumped into one another at the Walmart in Changsha and talked more there!  They were a beautiful Christian couple and we hit it off immediately!  Unfortunately due to the health of their first DD we didn’t see them again after the day we received our daughters but I have never, ever forgotten this family and often wondered how they were doing.

Can you imagine the wonderful surprise it was to learn today that the baby we had been praying for for weeks was the daughter of the same family I’ve thought of and prayed for over the past 2+ years??!!!  As I’ve looked at their pictures I’ve often thought the mom looked familiar but if you know me….that’s doesn’t mean much as I’m not good with faces.  I just figured I’d seen her face in the pics left when someone comments on a blog and never really thought any more of it.

But then today God showed me that He had brought our families together once again through the beautiful act of prayer.

God is SO good!! 

Praying for baby Ivy Joy and trusting her care into the hands of the Great Physician.


  1. YOu know we will pray for her! Heart babies have a special place in this family. Good luck to her and to her family. They will be in our prayers too.

  2. You are such a compassionate person! Ivy is beautiful and she will be in our prayers.

  3. thank you for sharing this! Just realized Ivy's mom and I have a mutual friend, one that has shared their story with me! AND Elizabeth just had her surgery at the very same just last Thursday we were sitting in the same waiting room as this family. Now I have faces to put with my prayers!! Thank you. :)

  4. Praying for the little sweetheart! Very cool story too :)

  5. We too have been praying for sweet Ivy Joy. What a beautiful God story and yes He is SO good!


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