Friday, March 30, 2012

Journey to the Cross

I find it hard to believe (and some days accept) that Hannah is growing up so quickly.  She is no longer a baby.  She isn’t even a toddler.  At 3 wonderful years she is now fully a pre-schooler who grasps new things at lightening speed!

As much as I want to slow time so that I can savour every moment, there are also new opportunities that are opening up to us now that she’s a bit older.  Tonight we had a great mother~daughter time at the church enjoying a family event called, ‘Journey to the Cross’. 

I found it easy to share the birth of Jesus with her at Christmas but have been struggling with how to share the Easter story with her at a level that she can understand and yet won’t scare her when she’s not able to process the details or truly express her questions.  Tonight’s event was geared for children and was informative, interactive and wonderfully geared towards children.  Even though much of it went over her head, it was a great first introduction to the Easter story.

Here are some pictures from our evening together.

Singing Hosanna waving the palm branch she madeIMG_5058

The black light wall of sin.  Even Hannah understood one of these words as we often speak of obeyingIMG_5060

A little round stone.  On one side we drew a cross and on the other wrote the letters ABC for:

A – Admit I am a sinner

B – Believe Jesus died on the cross so that I could have forgiveness of my sins

C – Confess my sins to him

I know this is too advanced for her the first time around but each time she hears this offers us more opportunities to talk about it.IMG_5064

A glow bracelet to remind us that Jesus is the Light of the world.IMG_5068


Participating in the celebratory dance that Jesus is risen!

What a great evening!  The first of many with my kiddo and spending them learning about God’s love for us is the very best way to spend time together!!


  1. What a fun activity, and a great way to focus on Christ instead of the Easter Bunny! :)

  2. What an awesome event for your church to have for families, esp. with little ones :)
    I love her little prayer face, so very intent.

  3. Is it really fair to force christianity on a child this young? It's nothing more than brain washing, and the only reason these tiny children mimic the actions of their parents is because they want to make mommy/daddy proud. Stop shoveling religion down their throats and let them figure out things themselves.

    1. So, I guess we're forcing amusement parks, play grounds, and ice cream down little ones' throats as well if a look of total enjoyment means it's being 'forced?!'

      From Hannah's facial expressions, I definitely would not say she's being forced. She actually looks like she's having the time of her life!

      Someone obviously has some major issues with God and I agree with you Catherine, whoever they are, they definitely need prayer.

  4. what an amazing event, I love it and will take away some of the ideas to try at our church. I am also raising my children in faith, teaching them about the love God has for them. I feel it gives them such a great foundation. And being part of a church is also an amazing thing, there are many times when our church family has helped us and vice-versa...such a lovely thing to raise children with a loving, extended family.

  5. To Anonymous,

    We expose our children to many things all througout their lives. We put them in dance, music, sports, etc... but they don't usually end up professionals at these, we give them exposure and experience. Why would teaching our children our faith be any different and be called brain washing? At some point, in every adult's life, there comes a time of true conversion is all things they've been raised with, whether it's religion or anything else, perhaps even dietary style. I was raised in a particular religion and out of 5 siblings, I'm the only one to take it to heart and rely on it and be grateful to have the Gospel of Jesus Christ in my life. I can't imagine going through life's trials and tribulations without it. I hope that my child will choose to take to heart the faith I'm raising her with, and that in her adult life, she'll find it a source of comfort and strength and peace. And after our time here on earth, I'm so glad to know that I'll be reunited with my family and friends and other loved ones.

    Catherine, it sounds like a GREAT event! I, too have the same struggle in teaching my daughter in an age/experience appropriate way. Already, with little effort on my part, her testimony in Christ is growing and it's so exciting to see her come to this with so little from me. I do mean to add Sunday school lessons to our schooling, to catch her up to her church peers, but time runs out in the day and I then leave it up to when we go to church.

  6. Dear Anonymous,

    Really...? Be kind in all you say and do, so that others will be kind to YOU.

    Does writing such comments bring you comfort?

    This is very, very sad.

  7. So sorry about Anonymous' diatribe. It was out of line.

    I'm an atheist raising my children the way I believe is best for my family. I may find strength and community in a different way than you or many of your readers, but never would I question your choice to raise Hannah the way you know is best for your family. She is a beautiful little soul and seems so very sweet and bright. I enjoy your reading about your life together, your undying love and devotion to her wellbeing, your constant care for her needs now and your thoughtful consideration for how her needs will change as she grows. I would only dare to question a family's choices if they lived without these qualities, no matter the religion or lack thereof.

    As you said, Hannah is your daughter. And you are doing beautifully.


  8. Dear anon,
    I pray for you, that you do not know the love of God. Why should we forhold the love of God away from our children and let them "find" it themselves. Shouldn't they know who created them, who loves them the most, who will always watch over them? Or should we just not let them know their Almighty father. When i was first born i was baptized immediately because i was 9 weeks premature. I thank my parents for baptizing me. At a very young age i was taught about Jesus. i was taught how to pray, how to thank God for everything he has given me, and also how to ask him to look over others. I cant imagine what my life would be like now if i hadn't been baptized or introduced to God. yes everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but if you have to hide on anon, and none the less say something horrible, you should just keep your words to yourself and just stay away from the blog.
    May God bless you in your choices, and thoughts. Jesus loves you even if you may not like it. And he is always in you're heart, trying to guide you to the right path.

  9. Here is another anonymous comment..... it makes me so sad that people have to be so negative and narrow minded when they make comments, after all they don't have to read your blog if they don't want to or agree with your lifestyle... I guess they fall into the same category as prank callers... nothing better to do with their time.
    You have a wonderful little girl, I follow your blog from time to time and enjoy seeing her little face full of life and happiness. xx


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