Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A Weekend of Fun with Nana and Papa!

A couple of weeks ago Hannah and I loaded up the car, hopped over to the town next to ours to pick up Tor Tor and Josh and headed north for a weekend of fun with Nana and Papa! 

The weather was beautiful and after a quick lunch it was time to head to the beach.   The water was warm and refreshing on this hot sunny dayIMG_1435


Hannah’s favourite part by far was playing in the sand!   IMG_1444



Not sure if it’s more fun to wear the sand or play with it! IMG_1442

Exercising on the beach.IMG_1448

An evening boat ride on Uncle Scott’s boatIMG_1453

Helping(?) Josh and Nana with a bedtime puzzle.  IMG_1456

Morning cuddles with TorIMG_1457

Breakfast with JoshIMG_1460

On the drive home we took time out to stretch at a great park!IMG_1462


Just hanging out.    IMG_1471 

There are times when even my, ‘I do it all myself’ kiddo needs some help.   Thanks Tor! IMG_1474

Summer weekends are the best!IMG_1469

Thanks for a great weekend Nana and Papa!  It was such fun for all of us to spend the weekend together!IMG_1473adj

(Sorry Nana and Papa.  Realized when I got home that all the pics this weekend were of the kiddos.  I’m sure you don’t mind a post full of memories of time with your grands!)


  1. Fun times!!! I jut LOVE that tutu bathing suit! :)

  2. I don't know why, but the picture of Hannah doing push-ups on the beach cracks me up!


  3. Good fun and I love the pink tutu bathing suit.

  4. What a great family time! Looks like lots o' fun.

    Keep smilin!

  5. Looks like a great retreat for everybody.


  6. Haven't had much time to read blogs last few months...wonder why? LOL! So just catching up a little and I can't believe how BIG Hannah has gotten! It still amazes me that most of us I waited with are finally raising little ones...and they're growing so fast. :)


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