Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Hanging out with Special Friends

Recently Hannah and I had the opportunity to spend a wonderful weekend with special friends.

Miss D was in town with her Mommy and Daddy which was a great treat as we hadn’t seen them since last fall.  The girls didn’t really remember one another but as kids are, they were quickly playing together and at supper shared crayons and colouring sheets.IMG_1222

After supper we picked up some groceries and the girls enjoyed playing with some bright, colourful balloons in the fruit and veggies area of the store.IMG_1225

The picture below brings tears to my eyes.  For years and years D and I would talk of our daughters to come.  Little did I know at the time but she was my Secret Pal for a couple of years during our wait.  Now our beautiful daughters are here, playing together, talking to one another and beginning to share a friendship much like their mothers do!  IMG_1229

The party grew in size when we added our friend Ben into the mix!  Sharing a bedtime snack of blueberries together.


The following day was party day and as has been the trend this summer it was hot, humid and sunny once again.  There’s nothing like hanging out in the pool in your pj’s when you’re 2!


I can fly!!IMG_1257


Water tableIMG_1241

Soon the rest of our friends arrived and it was toddler giggles, laughter, squeals and shouts everywhere!  IMG_1268


I can climb in my frilly suit but truly Mom I’d like you to put that camera down!IMG_1267

Hannah chillaxin with her best bud Ben.  You can tell it was hot as normally these 2 are constantly on the go and hard to catch in a pic together.IMG_1271

Sweet Miss Molly exploring the water table.  She may be the youngest one here but she tries hard to keep up with the other kiddos.IMG_1275

Hats and sunscreen were the mandatory accessories of the day.


Special times with special friends!IMG_1308

We love you!


  1. Wow - your group sure has grown over the past few years! What a special bond you all have - both adults and kids.


  2. Awww ... so nice to see the group of little ones all together!!!

    I just recently found a picture of the this same group (the grown-ups) and Naomi was just a baby.

  3. Love to see you guys all together. :) Blessings abound for sure!!

  4. Your life story just keeps getting more wonderful!

  5. It certainly was a louder day than we've shared before we all had our littles. Love that we are sharing so much of our lives together. :)

  6. It is great to see them all together. I'm sure it was a wonderful time.


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