Monday, August 08, 2011

Family & Toddler Fun!

On the long weekend when we were visiting family, Hannah had an opportunity to spend time with her little cousin who is just a couple of months younger than her.  Nathan is my cousin’s little boy and such a cutie!

The kiddos hit it off immediately and were playing together within moments.  What fun to see them together!IMG_1376

Aren’t they adorable?



Saturday evening we were together again and this visit included a trip to a local pond where the kiddos had fun feeding the fish and ducks.  My little miss leading the way.IMG_1395

Here fishy, fishy!


Friday night cousin Quinn was over and he was so good with Hannah!  Here they’re playing hide and seek with cookies under his hat.IMG_1369

The weekend also included time with Uncle TimIMG_1368


and Grandpa.IMG_1406

So blessed!!


  1. How wonderful that Hannah has so many little cousins to grow up with. She is getting sob big.
    I love the: Here fishy fishy" picture. Actualy I love them all.

  2. So sweet. Kiddos just naturally find ways to play no matter what and it is fun to stand back and observe.

  3. LOVE these pics! SO precious, the love between them is beautiful! Hannah is getting to be such a big girl!


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