Monday, May 25, 2009

Celebrating 38 months Closer to Hannah!

Saturday I celebrated my 38th Hannah~ versary!! What a wonderful day it was as I was spending the day with family, seeing referrals of friends arrive and knew that at the time we were within hours of friends meeting their precious little ones for the very first time!! 38 months is a long time to wait but knowing that 39 should be the last time I celebrate a Hannah~versary before seeing my sweet baby girl's face, it was fun and exciting!

As we were in Windsor for a couple of family get-togethers, mom and I hopped across the border to Detroit where it was time to shop for Hannah....and mommy too. I now have a Diaper Champ and bottles added to the collection of items I'll need before she comes home. It's so neat to be purchasing things that my sweet baby girl will use! And SOON!!

Congrats also goes out to 2 friends who are now holding their daughters in their arms and close to their heart! Lisa and Tate!

T, J and Emerson!

Exciting days with more and more excitement to come this summer!!!


  1. Happy 38 months girly..
    I am loving referrals these days..
    And the traveling of friends is AMAZING..
    Love the girls.. the are soooo cute..
    You are getting sooo close girly..
    before you know it you will be posting in China..YEA..
    Have a great day..

  2. 38 done and I hope that we do not see the big 4-Oh.

    Love the fave!

    Sweet faces make me happy.

    Keep smilin!

  3. I, too love the lilacs!! What a perfect spring flower to celebrate. :)
    This summer promises to be a memorable one and I can't wait to see what enfolds for you!!

  4. Happy 38 months Catherine! Love your choice of favorite too!

  5. i bought the diaper champ my last trip to Target in the States too. I think i will like it MUCH better than those awful Diaper Genies we had for K&C.

    congrats on 38 mo closer.

  6. Happy 38 done, beautiful flowers.

    Gosh I just am bursting with excitement and anticipation of your turn!

  7. Happy 38!! That is such a HUGE number!!! lol

    So very soon it will be YOU we are all blogging about cause you'll have HANNAH in your arms!!! Yahooooooo can not wait!!!

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  9. Happy 38 Catherine.

    Looking forward to more exciting days over the next few months. Awwh I can almost smell that sweet baby smell.

  10. Congrats on 38 months. Here's hoping your girl is coming soon!

  11. Goosebumps Catherine... goosebumps! I can't wait to see your picture... the one of you smiling holding sweet Hannah!


  12. Happy 38, oh my goodness you are so close to holding your daughter for the first time!!

  13. Not that I want to get older quicker, but I sure am wishing time flies so you have referral!!! I cannot wait to see you with Hannah!!
    I know you have been storing up all that love for awhile.
    Prayers for quick referral. Linda

  14. Happy 38 Catherine! Not much longer now for sure! You will soon be one of those gals holding your baby girl.

  15. one step closer Miss Catherine!! i get butterflies in my stomach just thinking of the day we get to see Hannah's face!!


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