Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Immediate OHIP Coverage Granted!! Thank you for you help!!

I wanted to say thank you to all of you who helped this situation by contacting your government officials. I'm excited to say that our contact with the provincial government was successful and they changed the Regulation as of TODAY!

I received an email from one of the ladies I have been in touch with numerous times over the past 3 weeks and this is what her email said,

'I am pleased to say that changes made to Regulation 552 are effective as of today - April 1, 2009. The regulation impacts internationally adopted children for both their eligibility for OHIP coverage and their eligibility for an exemption to the 3-month waiting period. These children will now be eligible for OHIP coverage while they are in the process of applying for Canadian citizenship. Once adopted, they will be eligible for OHIP coverage as soon as they arrive in Ontario with their parents - without a three month waiting period.'

Thank you again to all who took the time to write on behalf of those of us adopting. She made it clear that it was our input to their offices that helped them correct this situation in such a timely manner!

'On behalf of Minister Caplan I want to thank everyone for bringing this issue to our attention. It was through your contact with this office that we were able to move quickly to correct the problem. I know that this was an unnecessary and stressful situation for many of you and I truly thank you for your patience while we corrected the regulation. ' Thank you Heather!! We appreciate all you did on our behalf too!

So happy that this is one less hurdle I'll have to jump when Hannah first comes home. New referrals should be arriving in the next couple of days and even though I know I'm still months away from receiving Hannah's, it will be fun to celebrate with friends who will see their child's face for the very first time!!


  1. Oh, thank goodness! Because that was just horrible. With as much as we complain and whine here in the USA about our adoption laws and regs... we truly have no idea. My hat is off to all adoptive families in Europe, Canada and Australia.

  2. That is WONDERFUL news!

    Keep smilin!

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